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Hi there! Name's PolVio211. I've been a fan of Thomas for as long as I can remember; as a child I would enjoy both the earlier Railway Series books, whether through me reading them myself or having them read to me by someone else, and the first two seasons of the TV series, with the highlight for me always having been Ringo Starr's narrations.


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My reviews

  • Lady Hatt's Birthday Party: Where the Worthy Fat Hat Becomes More Human [1]
  • Emily's New Route: The Best Character Moment for Emily in the HiT Era [2]
  • Rusty and the Boulder: A Balance of Unrealism and Drama [3]
  • Thomas and the Storyteller: A Three-Strikes Formula Done Right [4]
  • A Blooming Mess: A White Sheep of a Bad Era [5]
  • Thomas, Percy and the Post Train: A Glorification of Lighting and Scenery [6]
  • James and the Queen of Sodor: Classic-Era James at his Funniest [7]
  • It's Only Snow: How to Turn a Stupid Decision into a Heroic Resolve [8]