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Hi! I'm Daniel, a discussions mod here, so if you need help just ask on my wall. Or if I'm not available ask, Ilovetrains323, AddictStudios, or Cinderthomtrooper.
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About Me:


My Thomas & Friends Achievements

  • On February 2003, I have drawn and painted a very colourful picture of Thomas and his friends (as described by Leah Charles-King, former CITV presenter) and sent it to the CITV headquarters in Birmingham. A couple of days later, I received some special CITV goodies as a reward including some autographs of two former CITV presenters, Michael Underwood and Leah Charles-King.


  • On Saturday June 18th, 2011, which was Father's Day, my father and I went on a special trip to Talyllyn Railway in Northern Wales, England, where they had a very special display at Twynn Wharf Station to commemorate the centenary of Wilbert Awdry, since he was born on June 15th, 1911.


  • On July 2012, TEngine and myself have helped Sodor Island Fansite by sending all our pictures for their revamped Day Out with Thomas page. A month earlier, I have also won four of the Thomas books signed by the UK voice-over cast and former head writer, Sharon Miller on eBay and shown my generosity to SiFansite for my donations to aid several charities including The National Autistic Society.
  • On Thursday August 28th, 2014, I received my copy of Tale of the Brave DVD earlier before it's official release on Monday September 1st, after having sent a letter to HiT Entertainment headquarters in London for enquiries a month earlier.
  • On Thursday September 4th, 2014, I managed to spend some hard earned money to purchase the first edition of The Three Railway Engines book on eBay, which was published on May 12th, 1945 and features illustrations by William Middleton.
  • I was acknowledged for helping Brian Sibley on gathering information for the updated edition of The Thomas the Tank Engine Man book, alongside Sam Wilkinson (who was majorly involved on the rewrite), Owen Bell, the Awdry family members and Gyles Brandreth to name the few.
  • On Tuesday May 12th, 2015, out of all the celebration videos everyone else had done, I have made a very special fan-made sizzle video of how it all began seventy years ago. It received positive feedback from both young and older fans of Thomas, as well as several people involved in the show including Lee Pressman, Abi Grant, Mike O'Donnell and Lion Books, publishers of the updated edition of The Thomas the Tank Engine Man. The video was also featured on the main page of the Thomas the Tank Engine Wikia for a week from July 12th - 19th 2015.


Read the blog report on how I made the video for the special occasion

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