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About me

My favourite CGI character - Stafford

Hi everyone, I'm SteamTeam one of the admins here. I am now also an admin of the Sooty Wikia (see bottom of this page for link).

I live in the UK.

I am 22 years old (9th March 1994) and have watched Thomas since I was little. I loved it then and love it now. My favourite episodes are Stepney Gets Lost, Thomas, Percy and the Post Train and Off the Rails. My other favourite TV shows include Sooty, Family Guy and American Dad!

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Listed below are my accounts on other websites, accounts related to me in some way or just my favourite websites that I visit frequently!

What I'm doing - RIGHT NOW!

At the moment I'm hosting and writing SteamTeam Quizzes each week for Calico's YouTube channel. I'm also planning Series 2 of Ronnie the Mole and Recent Purchases.

And there's also a good chance I'll be listening to Phil Collins and Genesis whilst doing all of the above!

My Work for Other Users

I do quite a lot of voice work for other users' series as well as my own. Here's some of it:

I have also written for the following series:

I also provided many of the scripts for my own puppet show series "Ronnie the Mole" on Calico's channel. I also work as a head writer/script editor, puppeteer, assistant director, editor and producer on the series. I also wrote several scripts and provided many of the voices on my own TrackMaster series.

I don't very often write for other people's series due to not having the time, but I like to write episodes if I have a good idea.

If you would like me to take part in your series you can leave me a message here on the wikia, PM me on YouTube or email me at


I act as a sort of "agent" for Calico as he is rather busy and has to use my equipment to record on anyway. Like me, he is always happy to voice in other people's series and is very versatile. His best voices include Peter Sam, Spencer, Gordon, Skarloey, Rheneas, Henry, 'Arry and Bert although I think he could probably voice any of the Thomas characters pretty well.

Here is some of his work:

If you would like him to appear in your series, it is probably best to contact me (as Calico rarely has time to check his own PMs) and I'll contact him directly on your behalf. Auditions are available on request although they may take a while to do as he can only record lines on Sundays.

So if you would like Calico to appear in your series, you can PM me, leave me a message here or email us at

My TrackMaster remakes

Season Seven

Season 7 was released in August 2011. It introduced Hank, Flora, and Jeremy to the series and also gave Salty a proper introduction. Hank and Salty are voiced by MurphyProductions828, Flora is voiced by PrettyRosie1995, and Jeremy was voiced by producer C.E.

Click on an episode's title below to view that episode!
Percy's Postal Problem
Heave Ho Thomas!
Diesel in a Jam
Salty's Secret
Thomas and the Jet Plane
Gail Force
Tram Trouble
Good as Gold
Signal Work
Gordon's Ghost Story

There was also a Christmas special in 2011 which focused mainly on the road vehicles. It introduced Max and Monty and Butch into the series. Butch is voiced by Adamandthomas1997 and Max was voiced by Lbbrian. Monty is yet to speak. You can watch Snow Bother by clicking below:

Snow Bother

Season Six

Season six kicked off with a "pilot" episode, Saved You!, Monday September 6th, 2010. That was followed by a week's worth of episodes that were shown over the week starting on November 15th, 2010. It contained two television series-adapted episodes and six original creations written by myself and Thomasfan. It was also the first season to feature a voice cast (except Saved You!). Here's the episodes (to watch them, just click on them);

Saved You!
Percy's Parcel
That Sinking Feeling!
S. C. Ruffey Pushes his Luck
Bye Bye BoCo

Aside from Season 6 we also showed two festive specials -

Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree
Old Problems in the New Year

I would love to know you opinions on any of my remakes so feel free to leave a message on my talk page about them and I'll get back to you ASAP!

Voice Cast

As I mentioned above, I now have a voice cast in my series. We have some roles that need filling ASAP so check this video out!. In the table below, you will find a list of the voice actors who star in my series and the characters they voice.

Voice Actor Characters
SteamTeam Thomas, Toby, Diesel, the Fat Controller, Annie, Sir Handel, Emily (sixth and seventh seasons), Gordon (seventh season only), Cranky (sixth season only), Gordon's Driver, Henry's Driver, Skarloey's Driver, Richard (Gordon's Ghost Story), Dock Workers (That Sinking Feeling!), Trucks (S. C. Ruffey Pushes His Luck, Good As Gold and Kidnapped), Children (Heave Ho Thomas!) and Quarry Workman (Christmas in the Hills)
Richie Gordon, Percy (sixth season), James, Duck, Kevin, Victor‏‎ (sixth season only), Cranky, Bulstrode and Thomas' Driver
SkarloeyRailway Oliver, Donald and Douglas, Bill and Ben, Mavis, BoCo, Thumper, S.C. Ruffey and Trucks (S. C. Ruffey Pushes His Luck)
TheUnluckyTug Edward, Henry (sixth and seventh seasons), Harvey, Duke, Captain and Percy's Driver
TheTopHatts Percy (seventh season onwards), James (seventh season only), Victor‏‎ (Kidnapped onwards), Harold, Bulstrode (seventh season only), Wellsworth Stationmaster (Gail Force) and Trucks (Salty's Secret and Good As Gold)
C. BonEsterphon Skarloey, Peter Sam, Jeremy, Mr. Percival, Jem Cole, BoCo's Driver, Harold's Pilot, Flora's Driver, Firelighter (Gail Force) and Trucks (Kidnapped)
MurphyProductions Salty, Hank and Bus Depot Manager (Old Problems in the New Year)
PrettyRosie1995 Flora and Emily (Kidnapped onwards)
TheSodorSteamworks Henry (Kidnapped onwards), Rescue Workman (Percy's Postal Problem) and Trucks (Salty's Secret and Good As Gold)
Dan5589 Rocky and Farmer McColl
SamTheThomasFan1 Bertie
Lbbrian Max, Duke's driver, Captain Scampi and Health and Safety Official (Old Problems in the New Year)
Adamandthomas1997 Butch and Thomas' Driver (seventh season only)
CalleyFan Cranky (seventh season only)
BramGroatFilms Bertram, Gordon's Fireman and Diesel's Driver
TheRyanCarMan Tom Tipper
Thomasfan BoCo's Driver and Trucks (Kidnapped)
ThompsOnline3 Bertie's Driver
CJR Dowager Hatt and Mrs. Bucket (Gordon's Ghost Story)
A.J.J.R Clarabel
HTTVChannel Quarry Workman (Good As Gold)
StarTug Barrow-in-Furness Signalman (Old Problems in the New Year)
CHR652 Children (Heave Ho Thomas!)

The Past...

Episodes remade so far. I started these in 2006 so I can't remember all of them but here's some...

If you click on ones with symbols next to them, you will be able to watch them...

Behind the Scenes (and other TrackMaster/TOMY-related videos)

If you like special features, make sure you subscribe to producer C. BonEsterphon's channel. You can expect photo galleries, behind the scenes videos, episode commentaries and other exclusive videos!

Alternatively, here's a link to my channel where you can view all my remakes that I currently have on YouTube

My Channel

Or you can join and visit my thread for updates on -

ZEM's Forum

OR, you can visit


My Audiobooks

I have recorded numerous read-throughs (or audiobooks) on YouTube. These are mainly of magazine stories, but I have also covered some books. You can listen to the stories below by clicking on the titles.

Buzz Books

I am currently narrating the Buzz Books series. So far I have recorded the first five books.

1. Thomas in Trouble
2. Toby and the Stout Gentleman
3. Percy Runs Away
4. Thomas and the Breakdown Train
5. Edward, Gordon and Henry
6. Thomas Goes Fishing
7. Thomas Down the Mine
8. James and the Troublesome Trucks
9. Gordon Off the Rails

More coming soon...

Story Library Books

Aside from my usual read-throughs, I am now making a series of My Thomas Story Library audiobooks. They are narrated by TheTopHatts. Both myself and CalicoBonEsterphon provide voices for the series.

1. Thomas

Magazine Stories

Being a big fan of the magazine stories, I have recorded quite a few read-throughs of these. You can listen to some of them by clicking on the titles below (not all are listed):

Whistle Limit
Good as New
Snake's Alive!
Thomas and the Rainbow!
Percy to the Rescue
Night Lights
The Birthday Ride
Thomas and the Fat Controller's Fishing Trip
What Goes Up...
Percy the Snowman
Cheesed Off!
Spencer's Race
Big Day Out
Blue Mountain Mystery
Works Outing
Captain Saves the Day
Up, Up and Away!
Big Belle
Parts for Percy
Beautiful Belle
Wonky Whistle
Rescue Team
One Bump Too Many
The Right Shape
Hiro Helps Out
Jumping Jobi Wood
A Special Treat!
The New Station
Roof Repairs!
All Steamed Up!


Here's the rest of the stuff I've narrated on YouTube!

Christmas in the Hills / Of Ice and Snow
Blue Mountain Mystery
Day of the Diesels
Percy the Small Engine and the Scarf
Thomas, Bertie and the Bumpy Line

Other Users' Projects

Aside from my own videos, I do occasionally make appearances in other users' projects. I am always available for voice over work whether it is voicing characters or narrating. I have also written for other people's series, provided help with casting and been a producer. If you would like me to appear in your series, please let me know and I will get back to you ASAP. Auditions are available upon request.

Calico's Channel

SteamTeam Quizzes

SteamTeam Quizzes is a new series of videos that I write, present and co-direct with my friend and producer C. BonEsterphon. Each video sees C. BonEsterphon quizzed on either Thomas episodes or specials. They are, in his words, "to help him become more of a Thomas fan". Viewers are encouraged to join in at home and competitions are held at the end of each series.

Season 1, Episodes 1 - 5
Season 1, Episodes 6 - 10
Season 1, Episodes 11 - 15
Season 1, Episodes 16 - 20
Season 1, Episodes 21 - 25
Season 2, Episodes 1 - 5
Season 2, Episodes 6 - 10
Season 2, Episodes 11 - 15
Season 2, Episodes 16 - 20
Season 2, Episodes 21 - 25
Christmas Special 2012
Season 3, Episodes 1 - 5
Season 3, Episodes 6 - 10
Season 3, Episodes 11 - 15
Season 3, Episodes 16 - 20
Season 3, Episodes 21 - 25
Behind the Scenes of SteamTeam Quizzes
Season 4, Episodes 1 - 5
Season 4, Episodes 6 - 10
Season 4, Episodes 11 - 15
Season 4, Episodes 16 - 20
Season 4, Episodes 21 - 26
Special Edition 1
Season 5, Episodes 1 - 5
Season 5, Episodes 6 - 10
Season 5, Episodes 11 - 15
Season 5, Episodes 16 - 20
Season 5, Episodes 21 - 25
Thomas and the Magic Railroad
Season 6, Episodes 1 - 5
Season 6, Episodes 6 - 10
Season 6, Episodes 11 - 15
Season 6, Episodes 16 - 20
Season 6, Episodes 21 - 25
Special Edition 2
Season 7, Episodes 1 - 5

Ronnie the Mole

Ronnie the Mole is about a blind mole and his friend Sam the dog. Series 1 started on May 14th with the pilot and ran for six episodes. A book, being written by TTTE Wikia's own Zem2point0, is in the works. You can watch a trailer for the show here: Click here to see the trailer.

Ronnie and the Birthday Cake
Make Way for Ronnie!
Ronnie the Artist
It's a Jungle Out There!
Now You See!
Ronnie's Cereal Disaster

To keep up to date with Ronnie the Mole, I would advise visiting the official website and follow Ronnie the Mole on Twitter.

Other Videos

I've also appeared (usually in person) in the following videos on Calico's channel:

Recent Purchases

Besides from my audiobooks and TrackMaster series, I have also made a series of Recent Purchases videos in which I showcase my recent Thomas & Friends-related purchases. They have proved to be quite popular on YouTube. You can watch them by clicking on the titles below:

October - December 2011
December 2011 - January 2012
February - May 2012
June and July 2012

Other recent purchase-style videos are available on my channel, but they do not feature voice-overs like the newer videos listed above.

My Friends on This Wikia

Whilst I've been here I've had communications with quite a few people. Everyone on this wikia is very friendly and it gives me pleasure to call these users friends.

In chronological order:

Things that I have contributed to the Thomas community

Here is a small list of things that I have discovered for the Thomas community or my proudest achievements.

  • I found the third picture from the episode The Missing Coach (see right)
  • I was the first to discover the characters Den and Owen

There have been more, but those are my proudest contributions.

Pages created by me

...and many more

My opinion of CGI

When I first heard Thomas & Friends were moving to CGI, I was devastated, I thought it would completely ruin the series. I pre-ordered HOTR and when it came I had my doubts about it, but when I finally watched it I was amazed. I think all the people that dislike the new CGI Thomas should give it a chance. It brings more realism in my opinion, but, don't get me wrong, I loved the old Thomas and am still upset that it is an end of an era, but I think CGI might not be such a bad idea. Just take a look at the CGI promo of Cranky (below), the sea is so wonderfully realistic, something which never could be properly achieved in the model series.