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  1. Special Funnel (Series 4)
  2. The Fogman (Series 6)
  3. Thomas' Train (Series 1)
  4. All in Vain (Series 20)
  5. Tit for Tat (Series 20)
  6. Ryan and Daisy (Series 20)
  7. Toad Stands By (Series 4)
  8. Thomas Comes to Breakfast (Series 2)
  9. Rusty and the Boulder (Series 5)
  10. Thomas the Jet Engine (Series 6)

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  1. The Adventure Begins (2015)
  2. Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure (2015)
  3. Journey Beyond Sodor (2017)

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  1. Thomas and the Trucks theme (Series 1)
  2. Stepney's theme (Series 4)
  3. Rusty's theme (Series 4)
  4. George's theme (Series 4)
  5. Bert's theme (Series 20)

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Personal headcanons

These are my personal headcanons for Thomas & Friends and The Railway Series; these are not strictly canon to either series.

The Railway Series

  • Before joining the North Western Railway, Edward carried the number 45, as both a reference to the publication year of The Three Railway Engines and a number worn by the real K2s. This also applies for my Television Series headcanons.
  • Gordon's original name on the Great Northern Railway was 'Shooting Star', as a reference to The Great Race. As with Edward, this headcanon also applies for Gordon in Thomas & Friends.
  • James previously carried the number 12620 on the LMS, one above the number of the final member of his class.
  • Barry was originally a BR Standard 2MT 2-6-0, however upon arrival to Crovan's Gate works he was rebuilt into a 2-6-2T.
    • Originally he bore the number 78065 as a 2-6-0, however on Sodor he carries the number 12.
    • When restored at Crovan's Gate, Barry was repainted into NWR red with blue lining.
    • He works on the Norramby Branch Line with Daisy, taking on a similar role to Ryan in the Television Series.
  • The Austerity Engine carries the number 13 (following on from Barry) and is painted NWR green with red lining. He is the station pilot for Tidmouth.
  • Daisy was transferred to the Norramby Branch Line due to not having enough work to do on Thomas' Branch Line.
  • The Works Diesel carries the number D4.
  • Diesel was purchased by the NWR soon after the events of Thomas and the Evil Diesel and became the railway's number D5. He is the station pilot for Barrow-in-Furness.
  • Pip and Emma carry the numbers D6 and D7, following on from Diesel.
  • The Arlesdale Railway has a ninth engine, based on the magazine character Sidney, but with the main difference of being based on the R&ER's "Bonnie Dundee" rather than an 0-4-2ST. Originally, he worked on a tourist railway at Norramby, until it went bankrupt and he was sold to the AMR.

Thomas & Friends

  • Sixteen previously worked at the same steelworks as Hurricane and Frankie; his accident happened prior to the events of Journey Beyond Sodor.
  • Emily works on The Little Western, helping Duck carry tourists along the branch, with her two coaches named Alfred and Clarence.
  • Flora and Tamika are both narrow gauge, rather than being standard gauge as portrayed in the show. Flora works a narrow gauge tramway around Great Waterton, while Tamika runs a tourist line through The Kuranda Rainforest.
  • Nia recieved her ornate orange colour scheme from saving a town from a runaway train that had broken away from Kwaku. Before this, she was painted plain black and had little to no respect from the big engines, but after the incident she gained Kwaku's respect and the two became fast friends.
  • Sonny works on the Coaling Plant Branch Line with Logan, where he is able to put his skills and strength to use on the gradients. Logan shunts the trucks at The Coal Mines, while Sonny takes them to Crosby Yard for the Main Line engines to pick up.
  • Bear exists and still carries his BR blue livery (similar to how Toby, Donald and Douglas were never repainted) and the number D7101 (similar to how BoCo still carries his D5702 number in the TV series rather than D2). He also carries the headcode 'AC 47' on his rear as per his ERTL toy and Hornby model, however he has a grey face to match with the other diesels in the Television series.
  • Derek nowadays works at the Sodor Cement Works, taking the place of Fergus who found it difficult to work with the heavier hoppers the cement works now used and was later permanently taken out of action due to the rockslide.
    • Fergus still lives at the cement works, however he no longer does shunting work, instead acting as a mentor to Derek. The two get on well due to Derek's nice manners, however Fergus can get irritated by his constant breaking down.
  • The Chinese Diesel is named Su-Lin after her voice actress.
  • Bertram works on the narrow gauge section of the Earl's Estate Railway with Millie.
  • Some characters have different basises:
    • Hank is a USATC S160 2-8-0 rather than a Pennsylvania K4.
    • Belle is an LBSCR D1 0-4-2T with firefighting equipment (as per real life examples) rather than a BR Standard 4 2-6-4T with added water cannons.
    • Connor and Caitlin are LMS Coronations (in LMS blue and LMS red respectively) rather than American streamliners.
    • Natalie is San Diego & Arizona Railway #8157 rather than the Bagnall Leys diesel.
    • Shankar is an Indian WDS-4 diesel rather than a Russian TGM-23.
  • The Slip Coaches are named Steven, Rebecca and Johnathan after their respective voice actors/actresses.
  • Buster is The Pack's number 20 to bridge the gap between Ned and Nigel. Similarly, Darcy is numbered 25 and Ester is moved from Italy to Sodor, being the Pack's number 13.
  • The Grumpy Passenger and Jeremiah Jobling are the same character. He's had bad luck with railways since long before James and the Coaches and has had a grudge against them ever since.


  • I was actually the first person in the fandom to discover the existance of Shane through an online news article.
  • I am the 100th person to be awarded the "Head of the Railway" badge for 1,000 edits.