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Hello there. I'm TheEngineShed, I'm not really around in this community. Usually I'll rant/talk about something in the show. You'll usally see me on here making a few edits, on some pages.

I've been intreseted into Thomas ever since I was a three year old, my first experience watching the blue tank engine, was in Preschool when Grandpuff was playing on the VCR. Ever since then, I never stopped watching the show! Besides liking Thomas, I have an intrest in Steam Locomotives (Diesels too, not that much) mostly Shunters as it's intresting to know how much weight they can handle, what trains they were able to pull, and a lot of other things about them. Oh, and also learning the history of LSWR Locomotives as well. (G6's are the best.) I also like to make videos, but my motivation to make some is a bit low and at times I would upload them at a certain month, or even a year. Gaming is also my thing, usually on PC but on Console as well!

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