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  • I am only a person who edited 9,400 times on this Wiki in South Korea.
  • I have some of the Korean dubs.
  • What dubs I need to find now list: [1]

About me

Hi, I am Thomas Other Languages who live in South Korea. I am a big fan of Thomas and Friends songs and dubs.

I graduated from elementary school in 2018, because I finished sixth grade. And I graduated from middle school in 2021, because I was finished my third grade. And I joined my first grade at high school In March 2021.

I am finding every Thomas dub in the world, especially Korean dubs, and you can ask me how to find Thomas dubs. Also, I need your help to find more dubs! And I am an editor for the Thomas Other Languages (Episodes) Spreadsheet, I made another spreadsheet Thomas Other Languages 2 (Songs).

My thoughts about Korean dubs of Thomas

  • I like the Series 1~4 JEI Korean dubs because they used some easy words for children in Series 1~2, that's good and they added subtitles for some of the railway terms in the episode. But, they made some mistakes when it came to the audio syncing, but in general, they are very nice dubs.


About my friend Ffarquhar Thomas




Korean Narrators

Korean Directors

  1. Ji Min-jeong - 지민정
  2. Jeong Hye-soo - 정혜수
  3. Jo Jeong-ran - 조정란
  4. Choi Ji-hye - 최지혜
  5. Lee Won-hee - 이원희
  6. Sim Sang-bo and Choi Ok-joo - 심상보와 최옥주


  1. Series 3 - Thomas's Anthem
  2. Series 4 - Let's Have a Race
  3. Series 5 - Donald's Duck
  4. Thomas and the Magic Railroad - Really Useful Engine
  5. Series 6 - Little Engines
  6. Series 7 - Five New Engines in the Shed
  7. Jack and the Sodor Construction Company - The Work Song
  8. Series 8 - Engine Roll Call
  9. Calling All Engines! - Busy
  10. Series 9 - Every Day's a Special Day on Sodor
  11. Series 10 - Navigation
  12. Series 11 - The Narrow Gauge Engines
  13. The Great Discovery - Thomas, You're the Leader
  14. Hero of the Rails - Go, Go Thomas
  15. Series 13 - Roll Along
  16. Misty Island Rescue - Misty Island Rescue
  17. Series 14 - All You Need
  18. Day of the Diesels - Day of the Diesels
  19. Series 15 - Hear the Engines Coming
  20. Blue Mountain Mystery - Blue Mountain Mystery
  21. Series 16 - Thomas and Percy
  22. King of the Railway - Searching Everywhere
  23. Series 17 - On a Journey Today
  24. Tale of the Brave - Let's Be Brave
  25. Series 18 - The Best Friends Express
  26. The Adventure Begins - Really Useful Engine
  27. Series 19 - Race with You
  28. Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure - Never Overlook a Little Engine
  29. Series 20 - It's Halloween
  30. The Great Race - Will You Won't You
  31. Journey Beyond Sodor - I Want to Go Home
  32. Series 21 - Set Friendship in Motion
  33. Big World! Big Adventures! - Where in the World is Thomas?
  34. Series 22 - Let's Dream
  35. Series 23 - Don't Stop
  36. Series 24 - Fall is So Much Fun

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What dubs I need to find now

  • Other Series 1 Croatian and Icelandic dubs.
  • Other Series 12 Croatian, Serbian and Italian dubs.
  • Series 8-11 Italian dubs.
  • Series 13 Icelandic dubs.
  • Series 22 Lithuanian dubs.
  • Series 20 Bulgarian dubs.
  • Series 13-22 Slovenian dubs.
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