About Me

Hi I'm Earl, I would like my username to be called Trainboy 48.

My favorite episodes

Season 1

Thomas Gets Tricked

A Big Day for Thomas

Trouble for Thomas

Thomas Saves the day

James learns a lesson

Foolish Freight cars

A Proud day for James

Thomas and Berite's Great Race

Percy Runs away

Gordon takes a Dip

Down the Mine

Thomas' Christmas Party

Season 2

Double Trouble

A Cow on the Line

Percy Proves a Point

Thomas Comes to Breakfast

A New Friend For Thomas

Percy's Predicament

Old Iron

Donald and Douglas

The Deputation

Better Late Than Never

Percy's ghostly trick

Woolly Bear

Season 3

Thomas Gets Bumped

Gordon and the Famous Visitor

The Trouble with Mud

James goes Buzz Buzz

Thomas, Percy and the Dragon

Thomas, Percy and the Mail Train

Trust Thomas


Season 4

Thomas and Stepney

Thomas and the special letter

Thomas Meets the Queen

Bowled Out

Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady


Special Funnel

Steam Roller

Home at Last

Season 5

Toby and the Flood

Something in the Air

Busy going backwards

Thomas and the Rumors

Toby's Discovery

Season 6

The Fogman

Jack Jumps In

A Friend in Need

Percy's Chocolate Crunch

Thomas, Percy and the Squeak

James and the Red Balloon

Twin Trouble

Buffer Bother

Scaredy Engines

Edward the Very Useful Engine

Rusty Saves the Day

Faulty Whistles

Season 7

Emily's New Coaches

The Spotless Record

Harold and the Flying Horse

Bulgy Rides Again

Edward's Brass Band

The Refreshment Lady's Stand

James and the Queen of Sodor

Gordon and Spencer

Season 8

Thomas and the Fireworks Display

Thomas to the Rescue

Squeak, Rattle and Roll

Percy's Big Mistake


Thomas, Emily and the Snowplough

Edward the Great

You can do it Toby

Emily's Adventure

Spic and Span

Chickens to School

Thomas and the Circus

Too Hot for Thomas

Season 9

Thomas and the Birthday Picnic

Molly's Special Special

Respect for Gordon

Emily Knows Best

Rheneas and the Dinosaur

Thomas' Milkshake Muddle

Duncan and the Old Mine

Mighty Mac

Keeping Up with James

Season 10

Follow that Flour

Percy and the Carnival

Thomas and the Shooting Star

Toby's Afternoon Off

Duncan's Bluff

The Green Controller

Thomas and the Birthday Mail

Toby's New Shed

Thomas and the Colors

James the Second Best

Season 11

Sticky Taffy Thomas

Gordon and the Mechanic

Edward and the Mail

Hector the Horrid

Thomas and the Stinky Cheese

Sir Handel in Charge

Ding a Ling

Wash Behind your Buffers

Season 13

Creaky Cranky

More coming soon

My favorite voice actors

Coming Soon

My favorite Characters

  • Thomas, James and Edward
  • Percy
  • Rosie
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