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Besides being a fan of Thomas & Friends, I'm also a fan of Japanese superheroes such as Kamen Riders, & Super Sentai.


About Thomas

I loved Thomas when I was a kid and I would have a lot of Wooden Trains, Tomy and DVDs/VHS. I watched it alot on VHS I owned before I knew Season 8 was on PBS Kids in the Spring of 2005. Watching it on that TV station was the first time I saw episodes on TV before Songs from the Station and Track Stars were release and seven Season 7 episodes and four with Michael Brandon's narration with new music. Season 9 is a special one for me as it was the first time I watched a whole season of Thomas before they were released on DVD. Such good childhood memories when the model series aired. When I got older I started to think that Thomas is for little kids, so I selfishly sold one of my Thomas things in 2009. Then I got back to it in 2012, but in 2013 got over it. But finally what I realized that throwing away my childhood memories is the most selfish thing I've ever done & that if you really like something, you cherish those moments. I'm starting to love Thomas even more now that I understand and listen to life lessons and how good it is to have friends. So I hope there are other people like me still likes Thomas even if there teenagers or older. I've seen the UK version for the first time in 2006, now since I'm buying UK DVDs more often, I like the UK narrations of Thomas & Friends even more.

What I like doing on Thomas Wiki


Contributions and Things I'm Proud Of

  • Getting episodes screenshots from Amazon and UK DVDs. Even some CGI Episodes from the PBS Kids and Nick Jr.
  • Creating an Inbox for Songs by showing the composers, release date, writers and singers in 2016 because it's better than putting it all in a summary.
  • Combining DVD pages, categories and photos into one page that has different language and titles, but has the same episodes such as the Season 7-9 DVDs.
  • Expanding the Learning Segments page by making separate sections and galleries of each segment and adding characters, locations, trivia, goofs and videos. It was alot of fun making a lot of changes. The Thomas wiki is something that worth working for and helping out the community instead of the other wikis I've been on.
  • Creating the Season 10 segment, Sodor's Special Places page including adding unknown and deleted scenes that were only shown here.
  • Combining UK and AUS sections on Home Media Releases when they both have the same DVD and VHS when there's no VHS/DVD that's only in one region.
  • I'm the the first one to get screenshots of the some UK DVD Menu Games, upload bigger screenshots of the DVD Menus selections and the contents lists that came with the DVDs.
  • I discovered more Season 4 episodes that were Direct-to-Home Video and that 24 out of 26 episodes and all UK narrations were released on video before airing on TV. I discovered that the Season 6 episode, Gordon Takes a Tumble was released on DVD and VHS before airing on TV on The Fogman and Other Stories a day before its TV airing. I've also labeled direct-to-home video on a VHS name on Home Media Releases on episode pages so viewers would know why the episodes were Direct-to-Home Video.
  • Getting pictures of some Thomas & Friends UK DVD discs and back covers.
  • The first to create the page of the UK DVD The Complete Series 19.
  • I enjoyed uploading new screenshots of Journey Beyond Sodor my first time uploading screenshots from a Thomas movie and The Great Race from Nick Jr. I also uploaded the last few screenshots of Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure.
  • I'm the first user to upload screenshots of the full Big World! Big Adventures! Movie from Nick Jr. website, my first movie to upload screenshots before anyone else did. I even got lucky edit of 1,033,000-1,038,000 in a row for uploading the pictures.
  • The first to get better quality of all screenshots of Thomas and the Runaway Kite, Toby's New Whistle and The Biggest Present of All from my The Complete Series 13 DVD after 8 years no one has uploaded them.

My most favorite contribution I enjoyed doing

After TTTE admin SteamTeam retired from being an admin, image controllers MrMenfan94 doesn't have the rest of the complete series UK DVDs and StephOfTheEast doesn't upload the screenshots much, I wondered to myself, who's gonna upload better quality widescreen screenshots of all the model series episodes of Seasons 6-12 and the CGI series? After getting some UK DVDs on January 7th, 2017, I realized that I could do it when on January 17th, 2017 I got screenshots of Thomas and the Tuba, Percy's New Whistle and Hide and Peep from my DVDs at school and they turned out good and that was when my work began. I enjoyed uploading good quality widescreen screenshots of the model and CGI series episodes from my UK DVDs in and some fullscreen episodes while listening to Thomas songs and music that fits the episode i'm doing and it makes it more fun. I like to believe it's one of my talents to me and the Thomas The Tank Engine wiki.

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My Favorite Characters

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