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Varkala Railway Station is a large station located on the Indian Railway. It has four through lines and two terminal lines. There are multiple junctions in front of and behind the station, and there is a yard beside it. Noor Jehan's Safari Express stops here. It also has a poster of Noor Jehan and a Tiger.



  • The set reuses the track layout and select buildings from Knapford, but adds on Indian greenery/landscaping and has a new station model.
  • Varkala station has undergone various changes throughout the series:
    • Thomas and the Monkey Palace:
      • The station's colour scheme was changed from brown and grey to red, cream and blue.
      • The sides of the platforms are now green instead of yellow.
      • A coconut milk stand was added inside the station.
    • Series 23:
      • A temple was added beside the station.