Veronica Chambers (née Awdry) (born 18th December 1941) is the elder daughter of Wilbert and Margaret Awdry.


Veronica was born on 18th December 1941, and was Wilbert and Margaret Awdry's second child, after Christopher. She was named "Veronica" to keep the family name of "Vere" alive. During their childhood, she, and her siblings, served as a "test audience" for the Railway Series books. Wilbert would read stories he had written to his children before submitting them for publication, if they did not like them, then Wilbert would re-draft the stories before seeking his children's approval again.

Veronica, with her parents and siblings, appeared in Troublesome Engines. She was interviewed for the BBC's "The One Show" in January 2014 and "Songs of Praise" in October 2015, speaking about her father and how the Railway Series came about, and attended the 70th anniversary celebrations at the British Museum in May 2015.

She currently lives in her father's last house in Stroud.






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