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The Vicarstown Dieselworks is a repair yard that specialises in diesel engines. It is the diesel equivalent of the Sodor Steamworks. The Dieselworks is located in a quarry-like area, not far from Vicarstown. When it was first introduced, the Dieselworks was run down and shabby, with insufficient and damaged equipment. After a fire broke out in the main building, it was rebuilt. DenDart and Diesel 10 live and work at the Dieselworks.

The company's logo is a picture of a diesel engine, of similar appearance to Den's class. Both Den and Dart have this logo on their liveries.

In the nineteenth series, the small warehouse, that serves as an extension to the main Dieselworks building, is shown to house a large smelting foundry, where all the broken parts are melted down and reused again, to build new parts.

According to a magazine article, Dennis also lives at the Dieselworks.


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Equipment at the Dieselworks includes:




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