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This article is about the goods depot. You may be looking for the goods yard.

Vicarstown Goods Depot is a goods depot on the outskirts of Vicarstown where Douglas saved Oliver and Rusty saved Stepney from scrap.

It has a goods station, a double-road shed, an overhead signal box, a scrapyard and the Standard Gauge and Narrow Gauge Viaduct is located nearby. Lots of diesels are seen here.



  • In Rusty to the Rescue, the depot was mentioned as being on the Other Railway.
  • The engines of the Other Railway are represented by Diesel, BoCo, Daisy, Mavis and Class 40, all facing opposite to the camera.
  • A number of props were reused from other sets to create the depot:
    • In the third series, the set was dressed from the Tidmouth Station set.
      • Because of this, the goods station is also reused from Tidmouth Station building, but without the roof.
    • The signal box is reused from the Kirk Ronan Junction signal box.
    • The industrial tanks are reused from Knapford Yards.
    • The building Oliver hides in is the steel company building from TUGS.
    • In the fourth series, the set is redressed and heavily modified from the Crovan's Gate Yards set.

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