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The Vicarstown Tramway Engines were a set of three engines which were intended to run the Vicarstown Tramway in the original 2015 pitch of The Great Race. Though the tramway itself appeared in the final film, the trams themselves were dropped.

Technical Details


It is unknown what exactly the tram engines would have been based on, although concept art shows that they would have been double-decker trams with overhead electric equipment.


Thomas & Friends


The trams were intended to appear in The Great Race prior to the development of Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure.


  • Originally, the Three Vicarstown Tramway Engines were going to be introduced in The Great Race; however this plotline was dropped, and the tramway engines were rewritten and replaced by Rex, Mike and Bert in Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure.
  • Though the tramway itself has appeared numerous times since The Great Race, the trams themselves were not known about until they were mentioned by Sodor Island Fansite admin Ryan Hagan in a 2019 charity livestream.