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Vicarstown Yard is a large shunting yard in Vicarstown, located just south of the station. Rosie works here.


The Railway Series

The North Western Railway extended to Vicarstown in 1915, and built their main Motive Power Depot and Administrative Headquarters here, as well as a rolling lift bridge connecting Sodor with the Mainland. After the 1925 agreement with the LMS to allow NWR trains to travel across the bridge to Barrow-in-Furness there was no further use required. A smaller replacement station and shed were built for the engines operating the car ferry service in 1927/8, and the turntable was taken up and installed at Barrow, while the headquarters moved to the other end of the main line at Tidmouth. Thomas served as the station pilot here until being transferred to Wellsworth in 1925.

Thomas & Friends

It first appeared in the first series episode, Tenders and Turntables, but never appeared again until Journey Beyond Sodor.

James came here to take Henry's goods train to the Mainland when the big green engine was unable to do so after an accident, but he was informed by Rosie that Thomas took them instead.

In the twenty-third series, it reappeared in full when Rebecca took a train of Troublesome Trucks to the yard.



  • The track layout for the yard in the CGI series is reused from that of Knapford station yard.

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