“I've never been in a tunnel under the sea. What if I get wet?"
"There's no water inside the tunnel, Emily, and you'll love Misty Island.”
―Emily and Thomas

Visit to Misty Island is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


Emily is worried; tomorrow she has to go to Misty Island to collect some Jobi Wood. She is scared at the thought of going in a tunnel undersea. Thomas assures her that the tunnel is perfectly dry, but Emily is not listening properly; she is too busy thinking of a way to get out of doing her important job. She decides she will hide in the sheds.

The next morning, all of the engines leave the shed to go to work while Emily stays put. Meanwhile, the Fat Controller is busy preparing for the Misty Island job. He soon realises that he is missing an engine.

Back at Tidmouth Sheds, Emily is not having as much fun as she expected; it is not a lot of fun being in the sheds without the other engines. Just then, she hears Thomas outside. Thomas tells Emily that he has been sent to fetch her as they cannot carry enough Jobi Wood without her. Emily is now raring to go, so the two friends puff away to find the Fat Controller.

When they find the controller, Emily apologises. The Fat Controller says he will speak to her about it later, before they all head into the Misty Island Tunnel. Emily is surprised; it's not so scary, after all. Soon, they can see daylight and they puff out of the tunnel and onto Misty Island.

While the engines are being loaded with the special wood, the Fat Controller speaks to Emily. She tells him all about being frightened and the Fat Controller tells her that it is okay to be scared of new things, but she always give it a try as she might be surprised by how much she enjoys it. Emily understands and realises she should have listened to Thomas. She agrees that it is much better to give things a try than to miss out.



  • The image shows Thomas going through the Hollow Tree Tunnel instead of the Misty Island Tunnel.
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