This article is about 'the 2005 magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the 2008 magazine story'.
“You look like twins too!”
―Bill and Ben laughing at their drivers' matching scarves

Warm Work is a magazine story.


One cold, windy morning, Bill and Ben stand in their shed. Soon, their drivers arrive wearing matching, colourful scarves.

Bill and Ben have to double-head a line of trucks, but Bill runs out of coal and the train rolls slowly to a stop on a bridge. Elizabeth rumbles up on the road below carrying a load of coal. Bill's driver asks her if they can have some of her coal. Elizabeth agrees, but is curious to know how she can get the coal to them. Bill's driver has an idea and borrows Ben's driver's scarf which he ties to his own to make a long rope with a bucket attached to the end. Coal is piled into the bucket and is then hoisted up to the engines. Soon, Bill has enough coal to reach the next station. Bill's driver doesn't need his scarf any more; hoisting up the coal is very warm work!



  • All of the writing on Bill and Ben is in black.
  • The back part of Bill's cab is coloured brown.

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