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“You're a real mucky buffers!”
―Madge to Skarloey

Wash Behind Your Buffers! is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


Madge is very excited; it is the day of the Engine Rally. The Thin Controller has asked her to bring the engines soap and brushes to make sure they are extra clean. First, she goes to Rheneas and tells him to ask his engineer to scrub his nameplate. Next, she rushes to the Quarry where she meets Skarloey. Madge waits to make sure his paintwork sparkles, but this makes her late. At the Town Square, the Thin Controller is very proud of his engines. Then, Madge rolls in. She is filthy, much to Mr. Percival's surprise. Madge is sad; being cleaned will mean she will miss the Engine Rally. Skarloey and Rheneas promise to help her get clean quickly! Their engineers know how to wash Madge quickly because she had helped them before. Soon, she is finished and her paintwork sparkles - just like Skarloey and Rheneas'!




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