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We Can't Do Anything is the fifth song featured in Journey Beyond Sodor.


Theo: Nobody gets it right the first time.
Lexi: Everybody makes mistakes
Or goofs or gaffes!
Theo: We were put together
In a flurry of excitement
Lexi: But look at us now!
What are we like?
You simply have to laugh!
We're unusual
We're unique
Theo: In other words, she's saying
That we're freaks!
Lexi: Built by geeks!
Theo: We're experiments gone bad!
Lexi: In other words, whoever designed us
Must be mad!
Theo: Too many funnels
Or too many cogs!
Lexi: We knew a guy who was built
To run on logs!
Theo: Too many wheels
And gears and rods!
Lexi: It's no wonder that we look so odd!
Theo (spoken): "Give me a prod!"
Theo and Lexi: But what can't we do?
What can't we do?
What can't we do?
ANYTHING! It's true!
Lexi: We're originals!
We're one of a kind!
We're upside down
And forward to behind.
Theo: We're experiments gone wrong!
Lexi: This yard's the only place
that we could ever belong!
We always try to do our best,
Sadly we rarely pass the test!
Theo (spoken): "I made a mess!"
Lexi: Give us a job!
Give us a task!
Whatever it is, you'll be sorry
That you asked!
Theo and Lexi: But what can't we do?
What can't we do?
What can't we do?
ANYTHING! It's true!
Merlin (spoken): "Ooh, ooh, ooh! I can do something!"
Thomas (spoken): "Merlin?"
Merlin: Invisibility on!
I'm invisible, or can't you see?
"Who said that?"
You ask. It's only me!
You look surprised, but have no fear!
It's just a little trick
To make myself disappear!
Thomas: *coughs* *screams*
Merlin (spoken): "Hello again!"
Lexi and Theo: We're lumpy and bumpy
We haven't got the puff
They tried to make us better
But sometimes enough's enough!
We're wobbly and knobbly
And awkward in reverse!
If practice makes you perfect
we're the ones they never rehearsed!
But what can't we do?
What can't we do?
What can't we do?
ANYTHING! Its true!
Lexi: We can't do ANYTHING!
That's true!
We can't do ANYTHING!
Merlin: But we can try!
We can give anything a try!
We will give anything a try!
Isn't that right?



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  • This is the only song in Journey Beyond Sodor of two things:
    • The only song that Thomas does not sing in.
    • The only song to feature the same singing cast in both UK and US dubs (aside from Thomas's minor speaking roles).
  • The YouTube release cut from the steam clearing to Merlin appearing next to Thomas.


  • Thomas' driver's hand clips through the cab door.
  • Lexi is not steaming when she sings ‘in other words whoever designed us must be mad.’

In Other Languages

Language Title
German Nichts könn'n wir gut
Greek Τι κάνουμε εδώ;
Hungarian Mi semmit sem tudunk
Japanese きっとやくにたつ?
Korean 우린 뭘 할 수 있지?
Russian Что можем мы?
Spanish Yo así soy

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