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We Wish You a Merry Christmas! is a 1997 annual story.


Henry's fireman, Ted, is constantly practicing carols during the day for the carol service on Christmas Eve. The engines want to sing too, but they cannot, so they decide to whistle instead. On the night before the service, Ted lets the engines use their tuned whistling to help him practice. But there is a problem; the church organ has broken. Fortunately, Ted has an idea, and before long, the engine orchestra are whistling the tunes to the Christmas carols. The night proves to be a great success and once again, the Fat Controller is pleased with all of his engines.



  • Henry is too small compared to Duck and Oliver in the second illustration.
  • Henry doesn't have a straight roof, there for the mistletoe can't hang.
  • In the picture with Duck and Oliver, Henry is represented as a 2-6-0.
  • The side of Duck and Oliver's running boards are red when they should be black.
  • Toby is too small compared to Percy.
  • Percy and Gordon's whistles are taller than usual.
  • Henry is missing a lamp iron in one illustration.
  • Oliver's lamp irons are black instead of white.
  • Gordon is missing his safety valve.
  • Oliver's face is not positioned on his smoke box correctly.
  • Part of Henry is black when it should be green.
  • All the engines' lamp irons are taller than usual.