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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the magazine story.

“Hello Rescue Team! I have the special special of bringing you Stafford, the electric shunting engine. Say 'hello,' Stafford."
"We may be missing something here, Spencer. But there's no one with you.”
―Spencer and Flynn

Welcome Stafford! is the seventeenth episode of the sixteenth series.


Spencer is on Sodor and is given the task of showing the new electric shunting engine, Stafford, around. Spencer puffs into Knapford station, where he boasts to Thomas about his special task. Thomas has finished his jobs for the morning and is keen to meet the new engine. Spencer instructs Thomas to go to the Steamworks with him.

At the Sodor Steamworks, Spencer is not impressed when he is ignored due to everyone attending to Stafford. After making himself heard, Spencer and Thomas pull up alongside Stafford. Thomas introduces himself and Victor points out that Stafford is very special. Stafford explains that he runs on a battery and not steam. Victor tries to tell Spencer to be careful that Stafford's battery could run out, but Spencer insists that he knows all about batteries and does not listen to Victor's warning. Outside, Spencer thinks that everyone on the Island will think he is very grand for showing a new engine around. Stafford tries to remind Spencer about his battery, but Spencer puffs grandly away to show Stafford off at the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre. On the way, Stafford tries to tell Spencer about his battery again, but Spencer still does not listen. As they clatter under a bridge, Stafford's battery runs out and he rolls to a stop. Stafford tries to alert Spencer, but the pompous engine does not hear him.

At the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre, Spencer introduces Stafford to the rescue team. Flynn points out that there is no one there and Spencer thinks that Stafford must be lost and sets off straight away to find him. Spencer soon finds Stafford having his battery charged. Stafford tries to explain that his battery had run out, but Spencer is not interested and chuffs away to Misty Island with Stafford following behind. Misty Island is a long way away and soon Stafford's battery is running low. Stafford tries to inform Spencer, but Spencer is too busy whistling to the children to hear him. Then Stafford's battery runs out again and he rolls to a halt.

Soon, Spencer steams into the Logging Station, unaware that Stafford is not with him. Spencer introduces the Logging Locos to Stafford, but the Logging Locos cannot see an engine with Spencer. Spencer thinks Stafford must be lost again and sets off to find him immediately. Spencer finds Stafford having his battery charged again. Stafford tries to explain once more, but Spencer is not interested and sets off to show Stafford to the Duke and Duchess of Boxford. Along the way, Stafford tries to tell Spencer that his battery is running out once more. Spencer assures Stafford that his battery is fine and carries on his way as Stafford slows to a stop.

At the Duke and Duchess' summer house, Spencer introduces Stafford to the Duke and Duchess, but Stafford is not there. The Duke wonders if Stafford's battery had ran out and Spencer admits that he thinks that is what happened with embarrassment. The Duke declares that they must find him at once and they board their private coach. Once again, Spencer finds Stafford having his battery charged. The Duke and Duchess are very impressed with Stafford. The Duke explains that they need to go and meet the Fat Controller at Knapford, but Spencer cannot go anywhere; he has ran out of coal. Stafford is happy to help and he pushes Spencer to Knapford.

At Knapford, nobody takes any notice of Spencer, as they are too busy admiring Stafford. The Fat Controller calls Stafford a Really Useful Engine and everyone cheers for the new arrival.





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  • Spencer is actually too long to be turned around on the Steamworks turntable.
  • When Spencer says "The Island awaits," he only mouths "awaits."
  • Spencer refers to the Duke and Duchess of Boxford as "My Duke and Duchess," but the correct form of address he should use is "Your Graces."


In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Bem Vindo, Stafford
French L'arrivé de Stafford
Galician Benvido Stafford
German Willkommen, Stafford!
Hungarian Isten hozott, Stafford!
Japanese ようこそスタフォード
Korean 환영해요, 스태포드
Latin American Spanish Bienvenido Stafford
Norwegian Velkommen, Stafford!
Polish Powitanie Stefka
Romanian Bine ai Venit, Stafford!
Russian Особенный День
Taiwanese Mandarin 欢迎你 斯坦福

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