“Well caught, Thomas! I didn't realise you enjoyed collecting stamps too!”

Well Caught! is a magazine story.


Stephen and Bridget Hatt are staying on Sodor. One day, Lady Hatt brings them to the main station. The children are both holding books as Thomas pulls into the station. The two children rush to show their books to Thomas' driver. Stephen explains that the books are actually their stamp albums and that their grandmother is taken them shopping at Wellsworth to buy more stamps to stick in them.

Thomas is very confused; the thinks stamps go on letters, not in big books. The driver explains that some people collect stamps and they can be very old and rare. Stephen starts flicking through his book, trying to find his best stamp to show to the driver when Percy whistles loudly in the station yard. The loud noise makes Stephen jump. He drops his album and some of the stamps fall out.

Everyone runs around gathering up the stamps and finally only one is missing. The missing stamp is Stephen's rarest and oldest one and he is upset. Suddenly, Thomas spots a tiny piece of paper blowing about. It's the missing stamp and everyone tries to catch it. They then burst into laughter as the stamp lands on Thomas' nose and gets stuck there. The driver climbs down from the cab and carefully removes the stamp and hands it back to Stephen, who puts it safely back into his album. Thomas' driver laughs; he did not know Thomas enjoyed collecting stamps.



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