“Snow bother!”
―Lorry 2[src]

Wet Wait is a magazine story.


It is snowing heavily as Henry pulls an empty log car back to the station. On his way, he comes across Rocky, who is stranded. Henry is happy to help and pulls Rocky as well, but before long, they run into a snowdrift. Luckily, Terence, who is nearby gritting the roads, is able to help Henry too. Then, Lorry 2 arrives boasting about being able to travel through the snow with ease. As he speaks, a heap of snow from a roof falls into his bed, which does not bother him at all. A short while later, Henry and Rocky's line is cleared when Lorry 2 breaks down. Rocky lifts the lorry onto Henry's log car as the sun begins to shine, melting the snow in Lorry 2's bed. Now, Lorry 2 is soaking and freezing cold, but Henry thinks it serves him right for boasting.



  • A lot of Rocky's rigging is missing.
  • Lorry 2's number plate is blank.
  • Henry's log car is missing in the first illustration.
  • Lorry 2 does not look as if he is properly secured to the log car.


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