"Honk! Honk!"
"Toot! Toot!”
―Dowager Hatt, Bertie and Thomas

Where's That Bus? is a magazine story illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


Thomas is puffing hastily to the Sodor Steamworks with a load of tools. He passes Bertie who is waiting at the level crossing for Dowager Hatt and her friends. Thomas delivers his load to the Steamworks and, as he is exiting, Bertie rolls up. Bertie expresses a wish to travel all around the island like Thomas. It is arranged for Bertie to be placed on Thomas' flatbed to go on a tour of Sodor.

First, the two friends head to the Fenland where Bertie makes friends with some noisy ducks. Next, they decide to go to Misty Island. Bertie is very excited, until they pass Dowager Hatt. This jogs Bertie's memory and he calls for Thomas to stop, but the noisy tank engine cannot hear him. On Misty Island, Thomas and Bertie travel over Shake Shake Bridge. They wobble so much that Bertie falls off the flatbed and becomes stranded on the bridge.

Thomas rushes to the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre where he asks Harold for help. Harold is happy to help and he flies quickly away. On the way back to Bertie, Thomas passes an angry Dowager Hatt. She asks where Bertie is and Thomas tells her that he is on Misty Island. This reminds Dowager Hatt of how fun Misty Island is and Thomas offers to take her to Bertie.

Dowager Hatt and her friends travel in Thomas to Misty Island. They arrive just in time to see Bertie being airlifted off the Shakes Shake Bridge. At last, Bertie is able to take his special passengers on an extra-long ride round Sodor.




  • The first image is stretched.


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