“Wag's gone missing!”
―the Fat Controller

Where's Wag? is a magazine story.


Thomas is pulling the mail train along his branch line when he comes to a small country station where he has to drop of the last batch of post for Tom Tipper. The stationmaster's dog, Wag, runs up to greet Thomas, wagging his tail as usual. Soon, the stationmaster blows his whistle and Thomas departs. Wag is sad to see his friend leave and runs off.

Thomas returns to the main station where he leaves his mail coaches on a quiet siding and goes to fetch Annie and Clarabel for his next train. Before Thomas can start off, the Fat Controller comes over to tell Thomas that Wag has gone missing and the stationmaster is very worried. Thomas promises to try and find him and steams off.

Soon, Thomas meets Percy and Daisy on the branch line. They promise to look for Wag, too. So do Bertie, Elizabeth and Caroline too. Then, Thomas meets a police car and his driver reports Wag as missing, but there is still no news when Thomas rolls into his shed that evening.

Later, while the engines sleep, Thomas hears a faint noise. The noise sounds like a dog barking and it's coming from Thomas' mail van. Luckily, the Fat Controller is working late and hears the noise, too. The Fat Controller takes a torch and opens up the mail van to find Wag who must have jumped aboard and been shut in by mistake.

The next day, Thomas takes Wag back to the stationmaster and the little dog wags his tail happily.



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