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"Where in the World is Thomas?" or "Where's Thomas?" is the first song featured in Big World! Big Adventures!


Bertie (spoken): Thomas?
Percy (spoken): Thomas? Has anyone seen Thomas?
Toby (spoken): Thomas? (Thomas? Thomas?)
Gordon: He could have bashed into some buffers
Diesel: Or dropped down into a mine
Percy: Or rolled into the ocean 'cuz he passed a danger sign
Rosie: He could be stuck inside a tunnel with no steam to move at all
Edward: Or crashed into a stationmaster's house
Knapford Stationmaster: Right through a wall
Toby: He could've strayed into a woodland on a track that's overgrown
Paxton: Or found a secret tunnel to some island that's unknown
Sidney: That doesn't make any sense! How could there be an island around here that's unknown?
Paxton: What if it was always covered in mist?
Sidney: That sounds very mist-erious!
Marion: He could be caught up in a landslide
Bill: Or have fallen off a bridge
Ben: Or tried to climb a mountain
Timothy: And be stuck up on a ridge!
James: He could've been derailed when he was trying to win a race
Imprisoned in a Steelworks!
Percy: Or be lost in outer space!
Sir Topham Hatt (spoken): Fat Controller/Sir Topham Hatt to major Thomas... come in major Thomas
Stop messing around, you're causing confusion and delay!
James: He could've gone up to some other place that we don't even know!
Henry: He could be almost anywhere!
Sir Topham Hatt: Oh, where did Thomas go?
Percy (spoken): We don't know, sir!
Sir Topham Hatt (spoken): Well, keep looking!
All: He could be anywhere, any where's Thomas?
He could be anywhere, any where's Thomas?
He could be anywhere, anywhere in the world
Emily (spoken): Sir, sir, sir! I found out what happened to Thomas!
Sir Topham Hatt (spoken): Alright, Emily. Calm down, and tell me slowly.
Emily (spoken): Thomas went down to the Docks, sir. And... and Carly loaded him onto a ship!
Sir Topham Hatt: She did what? But... that means... he could be anywhere in the world!
He could be checking out the pyramids while floating down the Nile
Or in the outback of Australia with a crocodile
He could be in Paris, sitting by the Eiffel Tower
Or chilling in Antarctica...
Dowager Hatt: (spoken) He wouldn't last an hour!
Sir Topham Hatt: He could be in the Himalayas taking in the mountain air
Or acting like a tourist in the heart of Time's Square!
Percy (spoken): Are there tracks there?
James (spoken): Of course! The subway goes right through it.
Percy (spoken): You mean he's gone underground?
Thomas (spoken): Hello! Hello?
Sir Topham Hatt: He could be in Rio de Janeiro as the carnival goes by
Or out on Easter Islands saying "hi" to a moai
Thomas: Hi!
Moai Head: Hi.
Sir Topham Hatt: He could be on an African safari racing a zebra
Or in Venice on a gondola!
Dowager Hatt (spoken): Don't be preposterous! He's a tank engine. He can't fit in a gondola!
Sir Topham Hatt (spoken): Well he could if it was a rather large gondola
He could be wrestling a sumo in a match in Tokyo
He could be almost anywhere
Oh, where did Thomas go?
Henry (spoken): We still don't know, sir!
Sir Topham Hatt (spoken): Well, we have to find him. He's my number one engine.
All: He could be anywhere, any where's Thomas?
He could be anywhere, any where's Thomas?
He could be anywhere, anywhere in the world
Sir Topham Hatt: Oh Thomas, where could you be?





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  • When Percy enters the yard at the beginning of the song, a loading bay can be seen beside him but in the next shot, it is gone.
  • In the overhead shot of Knapford Yards, Norman, Stanley and Stafford's eyes are not animated and appear closed.
  • During Toby's line in the song, Henrietta is grey instead of brown-orange.
  • Although Bill was voiced by Tim Whitnall in both dubs instead of Rasmus Hardiker which made his voice sounds much deeper than it does in later instances.
  • Harold has his US voice in the UK version.
  • Ben's body has been raised noticeably higher compared to his chassis, probably to match in height with the truck's buffers.
  • Steam can be seen coming out from Diesel although he is a diesel engine.
  • When it shows Sir Topham Hatt's map of the world, Sodor is missing.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Czech Může být kdekoliv, kde je náš Tomáš?
Finnish Olla kuin missä vaan missä vaan Tuomas?
German Sagt mir wo Thomas ist, wir suchen Thomas
Japanese どこなのトーマス?
Korean 토마스 어디에?
Latin American Spanish En Cualquier Parte Pudiera Estar Thomas
Polish Gdzie na Świecie jest Tomek?
Spanish ¿Quién Sabe Donde Está Thomas?