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“Whiffy-woo! What a mess! This must be the stinkiest spot on Sodor! Only stinky steamies work here!”
James, O the Indignity, fourteenth series

Whiff's Waste Dump, also known as the Waste Dump or just the Dump, handles all of Sodor's rubbish and refuse. It first appeared in Misty Island Rescue and has appeared occasionally since.

History and Operations

Whiff's Waste Dump is located on the Peel Godred Branch Line between Hawin Lake and Kirk Machan. It is also the junction to the Quarry Branch Line. The dump takes care of Sodor's garbage, sorting and disposing the refuse, effectively and properly. It has many cranes and crushers and Sir Topham Hatt likes the place to look clean. Both Whiff and Scruff live and work here.

Whiff and Scruff both love their job and working at the Waste Dump, however some of the engines really despise working here, particularly Gordon, who had to look after the Waste Dump for a day, while Whiff had to wait with Scruff to be fixed at the Sodor Steamworks. One foggy day, Spencer mistook the dump for the Duke and Duchess of Boxford's Summer House.

In the seventeenth season, Percy had to sleep at Whiff's Waste Dump, on a frosty night, when the turntable at Tidmouth Sheds was not operating due to it being frozen.

Thomas later ordered Whiff to have him be covered in rubbish as the Ghost of Christmas Future so he can play a trick on Diesel.


Residents and Workers



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