This article is about the DVD. You may be looking for the episode or the magazine story.

Whiff's Wish is a Chinese DVD featuring five sixteenth series episodes.


At the Docks, Whiff looks in wonder at the mighty Spencer. The Mayor tells Spencer that he is fast, strong and loud which makes Spencer a very grand engine indeed! Whiff dreams that one day he might be as fast, strong and loud as Spencer. Then he could be "a very grand engine indeed". In the meantime, Whiff has rubbish trucks to collect. On the way to the trucks, Whiff sees Emily and Edward. He decides to help them and not pick up the rubbish. Then he will be a fast and strong engine! And he is a very, very loud engine as he whistles round a bend! Whiff is so loud that he surprises Percy who stops! Whiff bashes straight into him. Far from being a very grand engine, Whiff now feels a very silly engine. He hurries to pick up the rubbish trucks, doing his job as well as he always does. Which means, of course, that Whiff was being a Really Useful engine and all Really Useful engines are grand!


  1. Whiff's Wish
  2. Thomas and the Sounds of Sodor
  3. Welcome Stafford
  4. Don't Bother Victor!
  5. Happy Birthday Sir!


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