Whistle-Stop Tour is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


The railway workers are having their New Year's Eve part in the Knapford Town Square. As the clock strikes midnight, the celebrations really begin. The engines who are waiting to take them home are having fun watching the workers enjoy themselves.

In the morning, there is a lot of tiding up to be done. The Fat Controller supervises and makes sure the floors are swept and all of the rubbish is put into Whiff's trucks for the dump. Soon, the Town Square is spic and span once again and the Fat Controller decides to go and inspect the mainline. The Fat Controller boards Thomas and says that he has to be home in time for his mother's special New Year's Day dinner.

It is a beautiful sunny, but cold day as Thomas trundles through the countryside with Sir Topham Hatt. Suddenly, he spots a big cloud in the sky above Vicarstown. Thomas is concerned that the weather will change, but the Fat Controller assures them that the forecast said it would be sunny all day.

Thomas makes his way to the Skarloey Railway as the sky suddenly becomes very dark. In a few minutes, thick snow begins to fall from the sky. Thomas wishes that he had his snowplough. Thomas pushes his way through the snow, but it is getting deeper and deeper and Thomas goes slower and slower. Before long, Thomas cannot go any further and comes to a complete stop.

The Fat Controller is very upset; how will he get back in time for his mother's special dinner now? Thomas knows just what to do and sounds his special call to the narrow gauge engines on his whistle. Sure enough, Skarloey and Rheneas appear out of the gloom and are only too happy to help. The Fat Controller wades through the snow and boards Skarloey. Rheneas pushes from behind to make sure they get up the hill to the top station. The Fat Controller is then able to get a lift home with Bertie just in time for the special dinner. Although Thomas was not able to be rescued until later on in the night, he is just pleased that his whistle had saved the day.


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