“We're lucky, if you ask me".
"I didn't.”
―Peter Sam and Sir Handel

Whistle Trouble is the eleventh story in the 1985 Annual.


Sir Handel is grumbling about passengers, but Peter Sam reminds him that back on the Mid Sodor Railway, when there were not enough passengers, the railway had to close. Sir Handel snorts away in a huff, but feels a bolt holding the top part of his cab come loose. As he goes, he makes a plan: if he rocks and rolls along the line, he can shake his cab even looser, so then he can rest while it is mended. Sir Handel bounces along the line and when cautioned by his driver, shakes about even more. The next day, he bounces around so much that he almost derails himself. He quiets down after that, but then a really bad bump over some points breaks the bolt altogether. Despite this, he has to take the train, as Skarloey and Peter Sam are at the other end of the line and there is not enough time to get anyone else ready. This makes Sir Handel even crosser and every time he puffs, his cab rattles. Eventually his whistle-chain gets caught in his loose cab. Meanwhile, Skarloey is waiting at the middle station. He hears a strange sound, which sounds like an engine trying to whistle, but cannot quite manage. Then Sir Handel comes into sight. Whenever his cab rattles, his whistle blows. Everyone laughs, except Sir Handel, who grimaces.



  • Sir Handel and Peter Sam are missing their coupling chains.


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