This article is about 'the magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the person'.
“Whoa there! What's the hurry?"
"Sorry pal, I've got deliveries to make, that's the hurry!”
―Bertie and the White Van Man

White Van Man is a magazine story.


Whilst at the docks, Thomas sees a van speeding out of a ship and narrowly missing Bertie. Bertie tells Thomas that it was the famous "white van man" who recklessly delivers parcels. Later, the white van man is grumbling when he has to stop at a level crossing for Henry and Mavis. Then he is in such a hurry he does not lock the van doors properly and a mattress he is delivering flies out and George, who is behind him, flattens it. His last delivery is for Sir Topham Hatt, and whilst delivering it he parks at the Main Station, blocking Sir Topham's car in the parking space. The white van man has his van clamped and misses his ferry home.


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