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Who's Thomas? is the second song featured in Journey Beyond Sodor. It is sung by Thomas, the Troublesome Trucks and Beresford.


Beresford: Thomas? You're Thomas? Well, I don't know who Thomas is,
So why should I let this Thomas simply hurry on his way?
Thomas? You're Thomas? Speak up now I'm asking you,
Who's Thomas, what's Thomas? What have you got to say?
Thomas: I'm Thomas, I'm a tank engine, I'm from a place called Sodor,
I'm heading for the goods yard where these trucks are meant to go,
I don't know why I've stopped here, apart from the thing you dropped here,
So if you could lift it up again...
Oh, what do you want to know?
Troublesome Trucks: He's lost, he's lost, and Thomas is his name!
He wanted to be important, now he's only himself to blame!
Beresford: Thomas? Who's Thomas? I've never heard of Thomas,
Nor me. I know. You're me. That's true. I'm talking to myself!
Now Thomas, little Thomas. You say that's what your name is,
But I still don't know who you are, so tell me something else!
Thomas: I'm Thomas, I'm a tank engine, and some would say I'm cheeky,
And maybe I am cheeky cause I took these trucks from James.
Troublesome Trucks: (spoken) "Yeah!"
Thomas: But I was stuck on Sodor, where it's the same old railway,
So I took them to the Mainland which I thought would make a change.
Troublesome Trucks: He's lost, he's lost. He'll have to tell his boss!
If we don't get a move on, then Sir Topham will be cross!
Beresford: So many places you could go, so many things to see.
And like the birds up in the sky, an engine's life is free...
So engines always rush about, they never like to wait.
They always have some reason like they're late, or late, or late...
But if you'd like to travel on, you must do something more,
You'll have to tell me something new I've never heard before!
Thomas: Something new?!
Beresford: Something new!
Thomas: Does it have to be true?
Beresford: It has to be true!
Troublesome Trucks: He's lost, he's lost, he hasn't got a clue!
He doesn't know what to say at all, he doesn't know what to do!
Beresford: (spoken) "Is that right?"
Thomas: (spoken) "Could you be quiet back there? I'm trying to think!"
Troublesome Trucks: (spoken) "Don't try too hard! You'll burst your boiler! Poor Thomas, on the Mainland, nobody even knows his name!"
Thomas: (spoken) "That's it!"
I'm Thomas, I'm Thomas, but you've never heard of Thomas!?
Beresford: (spoken) "No, I've never heard of Thomas."
Thomas: But that's my name, it's true!
I'm Thomas, I'm Thomas,
And if you've never heard of me, then when I said I was Thomas,
I was telling you something new!
Beresford: (Spoken) "Something new?"
Thomas: And having told you that I think we're through!


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  • When Beresford sings, "So why should I let this Thomas simply hurry on his way?" the scene is slowed down a bit in the music video. Because of this, the sound effect of his hook is played a bit later than the special's version.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Czech Jsi Tomáš?
German Wer ist Thomas?
Greek Ποιος Τόμας;
Hungarian Ki Thomas?
Japanese トーマスってだれだ?
Korean 토마스는 누구?
Polish Jaki Tomek?
Russian Что за Томас?
Serbian Ko je Tomas?
Spanish ¿Quién es Thomas?

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