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William "Willie" George Rushton (18 August 1937 - 11 December 1996) was an English cartoonist, satirist, comedian, actor and performer who co-founded the "Private Eye" satirical magazine.

Rushton became the narrator for the Railway Stories after Johnny Morris left. He narrated Edward the Blue Engine through Tramway Engines from 1979 to 1984. He has also recorded adaptations of the "Asterix" comic books and "Alice in Wonderland". He is also famous in his lead roles in both BBC's "Muzzy in Gondoland" and the claymation television series "The Trap Door".

Rushton passed away during heart surgery on 11 December 1996. A plaque was established at Mornington Crescent tube station in his honour.


  • He illustrated Jan Needle's "Wild Wood".
  • A narrow gauge diesel engine named "Willy the Rushton" was featured in a story for the Corris Railway's newsletter, known as the "Corris-Pondent", alongside Cora, Hugh, and Kerr.