“Don't be silly, you'll be fine by yourself!”
―Thomas to Den

Wobbly Ol' Wheezy is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


Thomas is on Misty Island loading Jobi logs when he realises that the Logging Locos are looking sad. They explain that Ol' Wheezy has stopped working. Thomas' driver attempts to fix the log-loader, but fails. Thomas knows who can help and rushes off to the Sodor Dieselworks.

At the Dieselworks, Thomas tells Den and Dart what has happened and they both agree to help. Thomas insists that Dart can come on his own without Den. Back on Misty Island, Dart's driver tries to fix Ol' Wheezy, who starts to blow out black smoke. Then he stops again and Dart's driver says that he cannot help. Thomas sighs and heads back to the Dieselworks with Dart. Thomas then asks Den to go with him to Misty Island. Den asks if Dart can come too, but Thomas tells him that he will be fine on his own.

Over on Misty Island, Den's driver tries to fix Ol' Wheezy. The crane shudders and blows out black smoke before stopping again. Den's driver says there is nothing else he can do and Den heads back to Sodor. Thomas' driver decides to have another go at fixing the crane. This time, bits of metal and wood fly from Ol' Wheezy. Thomas' driver has made Ol' Wheezy worse. Thomas wishes that his best friend Percy is there to help too. Then he thinks of something and races back to the Dieselworks.

At the Dieselworks, Thomas tells Den and Dart that if they work together, they are sure to be able to fix Ol' Wheezy. Den and Dart are delighted and they agree to go back to Ol' Wheezy. Den and Dart's drivers work together and before long, Ol' Wheezy comes back to life. The Logging Locos are delighted and Thomas apologises for not listening to Den and Dart.




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