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This article is about the original Wooden Railway range. You may be looking for the 2022 Wooden Railway range.

Wooden Railway was a Thomas & Friends merchandise range that consisted of wooden model trains, tracks, and accessories. It was a railway system created in 1992 by Learning Curve, who held the rights until 2011. The range was then acquired by TOMY in 2012. From 2013, the Wooden Railway range was first produced by Fisher-Price through Mattel, when Mattel bought HiT Entertainment. The Wooden Railway range was replaced with Wood in 2017. In 2022, the Wooden Railway name was revived.

Wooden Railway worked alongside BRIO and other wooden train brands due to using a nearly-identical track system. However, its successor, Wood, has a different track connecting system, thus ending compatibility with other brands, though adapters for the older Wooden Railway track pieces have been made and released.

Product History, Design and Make

The Wooden Railway merchandise line for the Thomas & Friends franchise was created by Roy Wilson of Learning Curve in 1992, with the line becoming publicly available in 1993. These original models were primarily constructed with painted wood, along with metal used in the coupling magnets and axles and plastic for the wheels and faces. These models were relatively simple, with simple wooden stubs for the funnel and dome, while details such as windows, whistles and buffer beams were omitted.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the line was overhauled and the majority of the models underwent major redesigns. The wooden funnel and smokebox were replaced with a separate plastic smokebox with a more realistic funnel. The tender engines received an additional upgrade, with a moulded plastic coal pile for their tenders.

These improved designs were manufactured until 2002, when they were replaced with a third generation of design, which included new and more detailed faces. 2011 saw another slight re-design in the form of new faces to coincide with the recent CGI Series switchover.

In late 2011, TOMY bought out Learning Curve and as such acquired the rights to the Wooden Railway line. They sold the products previously planned to be released by Learning Curve for early 2012. The products due to be released in late 2012 coinciding with the special Blue Mountain Mystery were cancelled because Learning Curve had only developed the computer generated prototypes, before they were acquired by TOMY. Most of these cancelled releases with the new CGI style models were re-constructed by TOMY and sold under their name and a few others were later released by Fisher-Price. TOMY held the licensing until the end of 2012.

In 2013, Fisher-Price began manufacturing and distributing the Wooden Railway merchandise line and this change introduced another re-design. This upgrade was used for all of the Wooden Railway merchandise line until late 2017. All the engines, rolling stock and vehicles were re-constructed with more paint detailing, current CGI styled faces as well as curved edges to prevent edge-wear and wood-break. All models with multiple bogies had their chassis made of plastic and other slight plastic incorporations were utilised to cut down production costs. The Wooden Railway merchandise range became one of Thomas & Friends' longest-running and most popular merchandise lines.

In late 2016, some engines received smaller faces that no longer cover the whole smokebox front and others' faces were changed.

In late 2017, twenty-five years after the debut of the Wooden Railway line, it was retired and replaced with Wood. The replacement was originally announced to take place in 2018, but ended up happening sooner.

In late 2021, after the discontinuation of Wood, Wooden Railway was revived with a brand new look including elements calling back to the early days. Due to global supply chain issues, the release was delayed until March 2022.


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas 1993 LC99001, Y4083 (2013) Reissued in 2002, 2011 and 2013.
Edward 1993 LC99002, Y4071 (2013) Reissued in 2002, 2011 and 2012.
Henry 1993 LC99003, Y4072 (2013) Reissued in 2002, 2011 and 2012.
Gordon 1993 LC99004, Y4073 (2013) Reissued in 2003, 2011 and 2012.
James 1993 LC99005, Y4070 (2013) Reissued in 2003, 2011 and 2012.
Percy 1993 LC99006, Y4082 (2013) Reissued in 2003, 2011 and 2012.
Toby 1993 LC99007, Y4081 (2013) Reissued in 2003, 2011 and 2012.
Bill and Ben 1993 LC99025, BDG18 (2014) First released separately, later together in 2005 and 2014.
Mavis 1993 LC99024 Reissued in 2013.
Duck 1994 LC99018, BDG01 (2014) Reissued in 2014.
Donald 1994 LC99009
Douglas 1994 LC99010
Diesel 1994 LC99013, Y4079 (2013) Reissued in 2005, 2011 and 2013.
Daisy 1994 LC99016, LC99129 (2007) Reintroduced in 2007 for limited release.
BoCo 1994 LC99017 Reissued in 2003.
Oliver 1995 LC99062, LC99028 (2006) Reissued in 2006 for limited release and in 2014 in multi-packs.
Peter Sam 1995 LC99069, LC99138 (2008), LC98170 (2012) Reissued in 2008 for limited release and 2012.
Rusty 1995 LC99061, LC98161 (2011), LC98171 (2012) Reissued in 2012 and 2013.
Stepney 1996 LC99073
D199 1996 LC99071, Y4084 (2013) Reissued for limited release in 2006 and 2013.
Skarloey 1996 LC99070, LC98094 (2011), Y4403 (2013) Reissued in 2011 and 2013.
Culdee 1996 LC99072, CDK43 (2015) Reissued in 2015 for limited release.
Rheneas 1997 LC99077, LC98008 (2008), LC98169 (2012), Y4388 (2013) Reissued in 2008, 2012, and 2013.
Sir Handel 1997 LC99079, LC99137 (2008), LC98172 (2012) Reissued in 2008 for limited release and in 2012.
Duke 1997 LC99078, LC99139 (2009), LC98163 (2012) Reissued in 2009 and 2012.
The Diesel 1998 LC99087
Duncan 1998 LC99085, LC98014 (2009) Reissued in 2009.
Mike 1998 LC99084 Reissued in 2015.
Sodor Railway Repair 1998 LC99089
Neil 1999 LC99090
Flying Scotsman 1999 LC99093, Y6784 (2013) Reissued in 2013 for limited release and in 2016.
Lady 2000 LC99155, BDG00 (2014) Reissued in 2003 and 2014 for limited release.
Diesel 10 2000 LC99156, Y4076 (2013) Reissued in 2011 and 2013.
Splatter and Dodge 2000 LC99166 (Splatter), LC99165 (Dodge) Later both released individually in 2002 and reissued in 2011 for limited release.
Bertram 2000 LC98162, DNN84 (2016) Initially released with Bertram and the Scrap Cars; later reissued individually in 2012 and 2016 for limited release.
Derek 2001 LC99158, LC99038 (2007) Reissued in 2007 for limited release.
Wilbert 2001 LC99163
Frank 2001 LC99164
Salty 2002 LC99174, Y5026 (2013) Reissued in 2011 and 2013.
Big City Engine 2002 LC99167
Harvey 2002 LC99175
Ivo Hugh 2002 Available in the Ivo Hugh and the Zoo Cars pack.
'Arry and Bert 2003 LC99176, Y764 (2013) Reissued in 2013.
Emily 2004 LC99188, Y4075 (2013) Reissued in 2011 and 2013.
Murdoch 2004 LC99187
Spencer 2004 LC99189, Y4074 (2013) Reissued in 2013.
Fergus 2005 LC99124, Y4117 (2013) Reissued in 2013 for limited release.
Arthur 2005 LC99125
Dennis 2006 LC99064
Neville 2006 LC99065
Molly 2006 LC99066
Rosie 2007 LC99033, Y4378 (2013) Reissued in 2011 and 2013.
Mighty Mac 2007 LC99129 Reissued in 2012.
Whiff 2008 LC99053, BDG02 (2014) Reissued in 2014.
Billy 2008 LC99046
Freddie 2008 LC98004, Y4401 (2013) Reissued in 2013.
Stanley 2009 LC98003, DTB93 (2017) Reissued in 2017.
Hank 2009 LC98010
Flora 2009 LC98009 Sold with her Tram Coach.
Smudger 2009 LC98011
Proteus 2009 LC99047
Hiro 2009 LC98018, Y4831 (2013) Reissued in 2013.
Victor 2009 LC98019, Y4080 (2013) Reissued in 2013.
Charlie 2010 LC98021, Y4402 (2013) Reissued in 2013.
Bash and Dash 2010 LC98067, LC98064, LC98065, Y4383 (2013), Y4384 (2013) Initially both sold together, later reissued separately; reissued in 2013.
Ferdinand 2010 LC98063, Y4380 (2013) Reissued in 2013.
Scruff 2011 LC98093, Y4397 (2013) Reissued in 2013.
Belle 2011 LC98125, Y4382 (2013) Reissued in 2013.
Den and Dart 2011 LC98124 (Dart), LC98125 (Den), Y4166 Initially released individually, later released together in 2013.
Sidney 2011 LC98138
Paxton 2011 LC98137, Y5025 Reissued in 2013.
Norman 2011 LC98136
Flynn 2011 LC98126, Y3782 (2013) Reissued in 2013.
Luke 2013 LC98127, Y4087
Winston 2013 Y4085
Stafford 2013 Y4086
Stephen 2013 Y4485
Millie 2013 Y4486
Connor 2013 Y5492
Caitlin 2013 Y5856
Porter 2014 BDF98
Marion 2014 BDG05
Gator 2014 BDG06
Timothy 2014 BDG07
Logan 2014 Sold as part of the Sodor Storybook Collection; exclusive release.
Samson 2015 CDJ02
Sam 2015 Sold as part of the Sodor Storybook Collection; exclusive release.
Bert the Miniature Engine 2015 CHM14 Sold as a Toys R US exclusive.
Skiff the Railboat 2015 CDJ03
Ryan 2015 CDJ04
Philip 2016 DFX18
Dustin 2016 Sold as part of the Sodor Story Collection; exclusive.
Racing Vinnie 2016 DFW79
Ashima 2016 DFX19
Frieda 2016 DFX20
Gina 2016 Available in the Race Day Relay Set.
Hugo 2017 DTB89

Rolling Stock

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Annie and Clarabel 1993 LC99011, LC99012, LC99195, Y4422 Initially released separately, later reissued together in 2004 and 2013.
Henrietta 1993 LC99020 Reissued in 2010 for limited release.
Knapford Express Coach 1993 LC99052
Troublesome Truck 1993 LC99023
Troublesome Brake Van 1994 LC99049
Henry's Log Car 1994 LC99051
Tidmouth Milk Tanker 1994 LC99054
The Breakdown Train 1994 LC99067
Sodor Line Caboose 1994 LC99050
Tar and Fuel Tankers 1995 LC99063
The Chinese Dragon 1995 LC99068 Reissued in 2006 for limited release.
S.C. Ruffey 1996 LC99074, LC99029 (2006) Reissued in 2006 for limited release and in 2017 as part of the Demolition Team.
Mail Coach 1996 LC99076
Circus Train 1996 LC99075 Reissued in 2013.
Ada, Jane and Mabel 1997 LC99022
Sodor China Clay Cars 1997 LC99082
Fred Pelhay 1997 LC99080 Later only available in the Sodor Gift Pack.
Barrel Car 1997 LC99083
Toad 1997 LC99086, LC99027 (2006) Reissued in 2006 for limited release.
Express Coaches 1997 LC99088
Catherine and The Truck 1999 LC99092
N.W. Brake Van 1999 LC99091
Saw Mill Log Car 1999 LC99094
Cargo Car 1999 LC99095
Rickety 2000 LC99151
Box-Cars 2000 LC99152
Hand-Car 2000 LC99154 Reissued in 2010 for limited release.
Aquarium Cars 2001 LC99160, Y5024 Reissued in 2004, 2011 and 2013.
Recycling Cars 2002 LC99168
Gold Prospector's Trucks 2003 LC99177
Fog Trucks 2004 LC99191
Ice Delivery Trucks 2005 LC99126
Water Works Trucks 2005 LC99190
Old Slow Coach 2006 LC99030
Giggling Troublesome Trucks 2006 LC99131, Y4421
Sodor Weather Tracker 2006 Available through the Storm on Sodor Set.
Gordon's Snow Machine 2006 Cancelled before release.
Rocky 2007 LC99036, Y4379 Reissued in 2013.
Sodor Dairy Trucks 2007 LC99037
Musical Caboose 2007 LC99043
Hector 2008
Chicken Trucks 2008
Zoo Cars 2008
Hero of the Rails Caboose 2009
Halloween Caboose 2010
Light-Up Aquarium Cars 2011
Day Out with Thomas Box-Car 2012
Sodor Bakery Delivery 2013
Crawling Critters Cargo 2013
Troublesome Trucks and Sweets 2013
Oil and Coal Cargo Cars 2013
Stephen's Castle Coaches 2013
Scrap Monster 2014
Peg and Stack 2014
Dino Fossil Discovery 2015
Pirate Ship Delivery 2015
McColl's Farm Petting Zoo 2016
On-the-Glow Cargo 2017
Demolition Team 2017


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Bertie 1994 LC99008 Reissued in 2002, 2011 and 2013.
Terence 1993 LC99021 Reissued in 2002.
Harold 1993 LC99019 Reissued in 2008 (with a retractable magnet), 2011 and 2013.
Sir Topham Hatt's Car 1994 LC99055 Re-done in 2008.
Sodor Bay Tugboat 1994 LC99060
Sodor Bay Cargo Ship 1994 LC99059
Crosby Station Cargo Truck 1994 LC99057
Trevor 2000 LC99150 Reissued in 2017.
Bulstrode 2000 Available in the Down by the Docks set, with the Lighthouse Bridge and the Brendam Bay Shipping Co. Set.
Butch 2001 LC99159 Reissued in 2011.
Lorry 1 with flatbed 2001 LC99161
Thumper 2002
George 2002 LC99172 Reissued for limited release in 2010.
Caroline 2002 LC99171
Lorry 2 2002 Available with the Sodor Service Station.
Lorry 3 2002 Available in the Promo for Coupons Book pack.
Elizabeth 2003 LC99182
Bulgy 2003 LC99181 Reissued for limited release in 2010.
Sodor Road Crew 2003 LLC99183
Tiger Moth 2003 Individual release of Tiger Moth from Sodor Airfield Set. Limited release.
Jack 2004 LC99197 Reissued in 2013.
Alfie 2004 LC99198
Sodor Fire Crew 2004 LC99196
Sodor Power Crew 2005 LC99128
Max and Monty 2007 LC99034 Reissued in 2012.
Byron 2007 LC99035
Madge 2008
Isobella 2009
Kevin 2010 Reissued in 2013.
Captain 2010
Kelly 2012
Patrick 2012 Reissued in 2013.
Nelson 2012
Oliver the Excavator 2015 Sold only in multi-pack Oliver and Oliver.


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Sir Topham Hatt and Lady Hatt 1997 Features Sir Topham Hatt and Lady Hatt.
Bertram with Scrap Trucks 1999 LC99153 Features Bertram with two Scrap Trucks.
Magic Railroad Pack 2000 Includes Thomas, Lady, Diesel 10, Dodge and Splatter.
Thomas Five-Car Value Pack 2000 Includes Tired-Faced Thomas, Truck, Barrel Car, Milk Tanker and Caboose.
Culdee with Box Car 2001 Features Culdee and Box Car; Zainy Brainy Exclusive.
Rheneas with Scrap Truck 2001 Features Rheneas with Scrap Truck; Zainy Brainy Exclusive.
Neil with China Clay Truck 2001 Features Neil with China Clay Truck; Zainy Brainy Exclusive.
Rusty with Construction Trucks 2001 LC99162 Features Rusty with Cement Mixer and Dump Car.
Sodor Gift-Pack 2002 LC99098 Includes Oliver, Toby, Fred Pelhay, Bertie and Henrietta.
Fire Rescue 2002 Features Fire Truck and Fire Train.
Thomas Winter Wonderland Pack 2002 LC99170 Features Snow-Covered Thomas with Snowplough, Presents Cargo Car and Winter Wonderland Caboose.
Ivo Hugh with Zoo Trucks 2002 LC99169 Features Ivo Hugh, Hippo Truck and Zoo Box Car.
Stepney with Museum Trucks 2003 LC99178 Features Stepney with Dinosaur Fossil Truck and Jewel Car.
Triple-Pack 2003 Includes Tiger Moth, Lorry 3 and BoCo.
Adventures of Percy 2004 LC99123 Includes Coal-Dust Percy, Jack Frost Percy and Chocolate-Covered Percy.
Rheneas with Rock Crusher Cars 2004 LC99192 Features Rheneas with Rock Crusher and Boulder Car.
Battery-Operated Jet Engine with Thomas 2004 Features Shocked Thomas and Battery-Operated Jet Engine; based on Thomas the Jet Engine.
Calling All Engines! Gift-Pack 2005 Lady, Diesel 10, George, Harvey and Diesel.
Culdee with Apple Orchard Trucks 2005 LC99127 Features Culdee with Forklift on Flatbed and Apple Truck.
Engine 5-Pack 2005 Features Thomas, Oliver, Diesel, Bill and Duncan.
Adventures of Thomas 2006 LC99129 Features Winter Wonderland Thomas, Paint-Splattered Thomas and Breakfast Thomas; reissued in 2013 with the Breakfast Thomas being replaced with a Fish-Splattered Thomas.
Happy Birthday Thomas and Box Car 2006 LC99132 Features Birthday Thomas and Presents Box Car.
Sodor Collector's Pack 2006 LC99133 Features Gold Thomas, Silver Percy and Bronze Diesel.
Hard at Work Percy and Mail Truck 2006 Features Tired Percy and Mail Truck.
Adventures of James 2007 LC99134 Features Team Colours James and Busy Bee James.
Narrow Gauge Engine Gift-Pack 2008 Features Skarloey, Rheneas, Rusty and Duncan.
Thomas and Friends Gift Pack 2008 Features Rheneas, Rusty, Rock Crusher Car, Cement Mixer, Pine Trees, Crossing Sign and Stop Sign.
Holiday Gift Pack 2009 Features Thomas, Percy, Presents Cargo Car, Holiday Caboose, Pine Trees, Stop Sign and Crossing Sign; Target Exclusive.
Rusty With Cement Mixer 2-pack 2009 Features Rusty with Cement Mixer.
Thomas and the Holiday Caboose 2009 Features Thomas and Holiday Caboose.
Sodor Day Thomas and Stanley 2009 Features decorated-Thomas and Stanley; initially Toys R Us exclusive until officially released.
Thomas and Annie 2009 Features Thomas and Annie.
Percy and Clarabel 2009 Features Percy and Clarabel.
Toby and Bertie 2009 Features Toby and Bertie.
Thomas and Toby 2009 Features Thomas and Toby.
Santa Hat Thomas and Gift Car 2009 Features Thomas with Santa Hat and Gift Car.
Sodor Construction Company 2009 Features Jack, Alfie and Cement Truck.
Toby and Flora 2009 Features Toby, Flora and Flora's Tram Coach.
Roadway Vehicles Gift-Pack 2009 Features Bertie, Trevor, Terence and Sodor Power Crew.
Diesel's Value Pack 2009 Features Diesel, Salty, Rusty, 'Arry and Bert.
Road and Rails Rescue Pack 2009 Features Percy, Harvey, Butch and Isobella.
Salty and the Shipping Cars 2009 Features Salty and Shipping Cars; Shipping Cars are repaint of Ice Delivery Trucks.
Rosie and the Musical Caboose 2009 Features Rosie and Musical Caboose.
Design-it-Activity Pack 2009 Features unpainted vans, tanker and caboose and paints.
Soap-Sud Covered Percy and Engine Wash Car 2009. Features Soap-Covered Percy and Engine Wash Car.
Whiff and the Garbage Cars 2010 Features Whiff and Garbage Cars; Garbage Cara are repaint of Recycling Trucks.
Percy and the Storybook Car 2010 Features Percy with Storybook Car.
Thomas and the Snowman 2010 Features Thomas with Snowman Truck.
Thomas and the Flour Car 2010 Features Thomas and Flour Car.
Thomas and the Buzzy Bees 2010 Features Bee-covered Thomas and Bee Car.
Trick-or-Treat on Sodor 2010 Features Halloween Thomas and Caboose.
Thomas with Musical Candy Cane Car 2010 Features Thomas and Musical Candy Cane Car.
Slippy Sodor gift pack 2010 Features Soap-Sud covered Thomas with red funnel, soap suds covered Percy, bubble liquid car and hay covered Sir Topham Hatt's car.
65th Anniversary Pack 2010 Features decorated versions of Thomas, Percy, Toby and James, an exclusive caboose and wooden box.
Thomas and the Stinky Cheese 2010 Features Cheese-covered Thomas, cheese truck and 'Arry.
Skarloey and the Puppet Show 2010 Features Rheneas, bunting covered Skarloey and puppet show car.
Thomas and the Jellybean Car 2011 Features Thomas and Jellybean Car.
Mavis and Fuel Tanker 2011 Features Mavis and Fuel Tanker.
Percy and Diesel 2011 Features Percy and Diesel.
Scruff and the Garbage Truck 2011 Features Scruff and Garbage Truck.
Quarry Pack 2011 Features Mavis, Bill, Ben and quarry car.
Narrow Gauge Engines 2011 Features Rheneas, Peter Sam and Rusty.
Fergus and the Power Cars 2011 Features Fergus and Power Cars.
Toby and Bash on the Farm 2011 Features Toby, Bash and Cow Box Car.
Birthday Thomas and the Musical Caboose 2011 Features Birthday Thomas and Musical Caboose.
Holiday Percy and Present Car 2011 Features Holiday Percy and Present Car.
Steamies vs. Diesels 4-pack 2011 Features Thomas, Percy, 'Arry and Bert.
Dash and the Launching Log 2011 Features Dash and Log Truck.
Victor and the Engine Repair Car 2011 Features Victor and Engine Repair Car.
Thomas' Tall Friend 2011 Features Thomas, Giraffe Truck and Apple Truck.
Muddy Thomas and George 2012 Features Muddy Thomas and George.
Thomas' Country Show Delivery 2012 Features Thomas with Animal Box Car.
Skarloey and the Gravel Cars 2012 Features Skarloey with Gravel Cars; Gravel Cars are repaints of the Boulder Cars from Rheneas and the Boulder Cars.
Bish Bash Bosh 2012 Features Percy, Kevin and Oil Truck.
Blue Mountain Quarry gift pack 2013 Features Skarloey, Rheneas, Rusty and Paxton.
Percy's Musical Ride 2013 Features Percy with the Calliope.
Peter Sam's Dynamite Delivery 2013 Features Quarry Dust Peter Sam and Dynamite Trucks.
Thomas' Balloon Express 2013 Features Thomas with banners and balloon truck.
Thomas' Pig Pick Up 2013 Features Thomas with Pig trucks.
Happy Birthday Special 2013 Features Streamer-covered Thomas and Birthday Cake truck.
Santa's Little Engine 2013 Features Thomas and The Fat Controller as they appeared in the episode this is based on.
Sidney's Holiday Special 2013 Features Sidney and Presents truck.
Rusty to the Rescue 3 pack 2013 Features Rusty with Searchlight Car and Mining Supplies Truck.
Toby's Castle Delivery 2013 Features Toby and blue cargo car.
Thomas' Castle Delivery 2013 Features Thomas and truck with knight armour.
Stephen with Passenger Coach 2013 Features Stephen with open-roofed coach.
Race to the Rescue 2013 Features Flynn without his trailer and Butch.
Steamies vs. Diesels 2013 Features Thomas, Percy, Diesel and Norman; cancelled before release.
Salty's Celebration 2014 Features Salty covered with Streamers and party truck.
Hiro's Sticky Spill 2014 Features Hiro covered with milk and milk truck.
James' Roaring Delivery 2014 Features James with Dinosaur truck.
Oliver's Fossil Freight 2014 Features Oliver with Dinosaur truck.
Letters to Santa 2014 Features Christmas-decorated Percy with letters truck.
Thomas and Percy Holiday Bundle 2014 Features both the Santa’s Little Engine and Letters to Santa packs.
Thomas Engine Gift Pack 2015 Features two Thomas’; one with a gold smokebox and wheels and one as Wilbert Awdry initially made him.
Oliver and Oliver 2015 Features Oliver the engine and Oliver the excavator.
Thomas' Cranberry Spill 2015 Features Thomas with Thomas Land sign and Cranberry truck; made for Thomas Land.
Ready, Set, Race Percy 2016 Features Percy and cargo car with traffic light.
Diesels in Disguise 2016 Features Diesel, Den and Dart disguised, as in The Great Race.
Steamies vs. Diesels 2017 Features Victor, Kevin, Den and Dart.

Special Edition

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
10 Years of Thomas in America pack 1999 Released alongside the 10 Years of Thomas VHS.
Thomas and the Magic Railroad gold ore truck 2000
Flatbed with Yumsters Cargo and Tanker 2000
Flatbed with Learning Curve Cargo 2000
Flatbed with Cheerios Cargo 2000
Flatbed with ToyTopia Cargo 2000
Thomas Comes to Breakfast Collector's Piece 2003 LC99179 Based on Thomas Comes to Breakfast.
James Goes Buzz Buzz Collector's Piece 2003 LC99184 Based on Buzz, Buzz.
A Better View for Gordon Collector's Piece 2003 LC99194 Based on A Better View for Gordon.
Something in the Air Collector's Piece 2005 Based on Something in the Air; cancelled before exiting concept stage.
60th Anniversary Henry 2005 LC99022 Released to celebrate the 60th anniversary of The Railway Series.
Gold Thomas 2005
Thomas with Six Flags car 2005
Flatbed with California State Fair Cargo 2005
Flatbed with PBS Kids Cargo. 2005
"60 Years" James 2005 Intended to be released for the 60th anniversary of the Railway Series; cancelled before release.
Bronze Toby 2005 Intended to be sold with Calling All Engines! DVD; cancelled before release.
Day Out with Thomas Coal Car 2006
Metallic Percy 2006
Day Out with Thomas Sodor Line Caboose 2007
Metallic Thomas 2007
Day Out with Thomas Water Tanker 2008
Mud-covered Thomas 2008
Day Out with Thomas Passenger Coach 2009
Patchwork Hiro 2009 Based on Hero of the Rails.
Lost and Found Hiro 2009 Based on Hero of the Rails.
'Day Out with Thomas' Thomas 2010
Day Out with Thomas Boxcar 2011
Easter Thomas 2011
Christmas Thomas 2011
Easter Rosie 2011
Thomas at Sea 2011 Based on Misty Island Rescue.
James Lights the Way 2011 Based on James in the Dark.
Day Out with Thomas Quarry Car 2012
Day Out with Thomas Passenger Car 2013
King of the Railway Thomas 2013
Day Out with Thomas coach 2013
Day Out with Thomas Paint Tanker 2014
Thomas with Six Flags car 2014
Logan and the Big Blue Engines Story Set 2014 Based on Logan and the Big Blue Engines.
James Sorts It Out Story Set 2014 Based on James Sorts It Out.
Percy and the Little Goat Story Set 2014 Based on Percy and the Little Goat.
Thomas' Birthday Surprise Story Set 2014 Based on Thomas' Birthday Surprise.
Countdown to Christmas Calendar 2014
Thomas Engine Gift-Pack 2015 Features two Thomas’; one with gold wheels and smokebox and one as how Wilbert Awdry made him.
Introducing James 2015 Based on The Adventure Begins.
Sodor Mint Car 2015
Day Out with Thomas Party supply Truck 2015
Seaside Sidney 2016 Toys R Us exclusive.
Streamlined Emily 2016 Based on Best Engine Ever.
Day Out with Thomas Passenger Car 2016
Day Out with Thomas Box Car 2016
Day Out with Thomas Clothier Car 2017

Talking Engines

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas 2009
Percy 2009
James 2009
Gordon 2010
Emily 2010
Victor 2010
Diesel 2011
Salty 2011
Toby 2013
Spencer 2013
Diesel 10 2013

"Lights and Sounds" Engines

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas 2006 LC99040
James 2006 LC99041
Percy 2007 LC99041 Either Percy or James is LC99041, Yearbook XIII mislabels them with the same Item No.
Holiday Lights Thomas 2011

"Roll and Whistle" Engines

Light-Up Reveal Engines

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas 2014
Percy 2014
James 2014
Emily 2014
Luke 2014
Rosie 2015
Edward 2015 Amazon exclusive.
Connor 2016
Charlie 2016
Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas 2015
Henry 2015
Bertie 2015 Cancelled before release.
Annie & Clarabel 2016

Battery-Powered Engines

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas 2000 LC99717 Also available with Milk Tanker and straight track.
Percy 2000 LC99719 Also available with Fuel Tanker and straight track.
James 2001 LC99178 Also available with straight track.
Lady 2002 LC99716
Bertie 2003 LC99722
Thomas and the Jet Engine 2004 LC99723 Features shocked Thomas and Jet Engine.
Salty 2006 LC99725 Reissued in 2011 and 2013.
Charlie 2011
Rosie 2011
Hiro 2013
Diesel 2013
Toby 2014
Spencer 2014
Gordon 2015
Victor 2016


Bridges and Tunnels

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Single Stone Tunnel 1993 LC99032
Arched Stone Bridge 1993 LC99301
Tidmouth Covered Bridge 1994 LC99308
Double-Wide Old Iron Bridge 1995 LC99312
Lifting Bridge 1995 LC99313
Sodor Bay Bridge 1996 LC99317
Henry's Tunnel 1996 LC99319
Pedestrian Bridge 1996 LC99316
Mountain Tunnel 1997 LC99323
Curved Viaduct 1998 LC99338 Renamed the Arched Viaduct in later releases.
Suspension Bridge 1998 LC99325
Drawbridge 2000 LC99339 Reissued with Salty.
Knapford Covered Bridge 2001 LC99340
Sling Bridge 2002 LC99352 Reissued as the Search and Rescue Sling Bridge with Flynn.
Clock Tower 2003 LC99359
Quarry Mine Tunnel 2003 LC99358
Waterfall Tunnel 2004 LC99364
Toll Booth Bridge 2004 LC99366
Rolf's Castle Bridge 2005 LC99310
Collapsing Sodor Suspension Bridge 2006 LC99336
Holiday Tunnel 2006
Suddery Swing Bridge 2007 LC99386
Rumblin' Bridge 2008
Haunted Mine 2008
4-in-1 Mountain Crossing 2009
Sodor Clock Works 2009
Expansion Bridge 2010
Snow Tunnel 2013
Wacky Track Bridge 2013 Featured with Paxton.
Log Tunnel 2013
Elevated Crossing 2014
Scenes of Sodor Tunnel Set 2014
Transforming Track Bridge 2014
Spin and Swim Lilly Pond Bridge 2014
Over and Under Bridge 2014
Tidmouth's Tipping Bridge 2014


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Special Engine Shed 1993 LC99300
Water Refilling Tank 1993
Elsbridge Station 1993
Elsbridge Platform 1993 LC99305
Windmill 1993 LC99006 Reissued in 2002.
Gristmill with Water Wheel 1994 LC99307
Sodor Bay Lighthouse 1994 LC99311
Knapford Station Platform 1995 LC99314
Sodor Log Loader 1996 LC99135
'The Works' Engine Repair Shop 1996 LC99318
Sodor Cargo Crane 1997 LC99321
Barrel Loader 1997 LC99322
Sawmill with Dumping Depot 1998 LC99326
Cranky the Crane 1999 LC99327
Transfer Table 1999 LC99328
Stop & Go Station 1999 LC99329
Sodor Engine Wash 1999 LC99330 Reissued in 2010
Grain Loader 1999
Coal Station 1999 LC99332
Water Tower 1999 LC99333
Switch Tower 2000
Fire Station 2000 LC99357
Conductor's Shed 2001
Wellsworth Station 2001
Abbey Repair Shop 2001 Remade as the Sodor Repair Station.
Over-the-Track Signal 2001 LC99345
Sodor Airfield 2001
Sodor Dairy Farm 2001
Honey Depot 2002
Rescue Hospital 2002 LC99349
Service Station 2002 Features Lorry 2.
Musical Carousel 2002
Coal Loader 2003 LC99360
Mr. Jolly's Chocolate Factory 2003 LC99361
Brendam Fishing Dock 2003 LC99362
Cargo Drop 2004 LC99365
Scrap Yard 2004 LC99367
Tidmouth Timber Yard 2004 LC99372
Sodor Oil Depot 2005 LC99373 Features Red Oil Tanker.
Sodor Cement Works 2005 LC99375
Useful Engine Shed 2006 LC99381
Sodor Slate Mine 2006 Cancelled before release.
Holiday Tree Station 2006 Cancelled before release due to the Lead Paint Crisis.
Toby's Windmill 2007 LC99389 Based on Toby's Windmill.
Rolling Gantry Crane 2007 LC99390
Haunted Mine 2008
Oil Derrick 2008 Reissued in 2015.
Deluxe Water Tower 2008
Colin the Crane 2009
Sodor Clock Works 2009
Repair and Go Station at the Sodor Steamworks 2010
Captain's Shed 2010
Tidmouth Sheds 2010
Harold's Helipad 2010
Ol' Wheezy Logging Crane 2011
Diesel Fuel Depot 2011
Boat Dock 2011 Cancelled before release.
Blue Mountain Mine 2012
Smashing Steam Hammer 2012 Cancelled before release; available in the Merrick and the Rock Crusher Set.
Merrick 2012 Cancelled before release; available in the Merrick and the Rock Crusher Set.
Quarry Overpass 2012 Cancelled before release.
Searchlight 2013
Sodor Paint Factory 2013
Wood Chipper 2013
Castle Crane 2013
Popcorn Factory 2013
Transforming Destination 2013 Transforms between Maron Station, Ice Cream Factory and The Lumber Mill.
Battery Charging Station 2013 Features Stafford
Elevated Crossing 2013
Scenes of Sodor Tunnel Set 2014
Brendam Bay Cargo Loader 2014
Lights and Sounds Ironworks 2014
Bluff's Cove Lighthouse 2014
Fossil Discovery 2014
Tidmouth Station 2014
Sodor Sweet Factory 2014
Bubble Loader 2015
Sodor Dynamite Blast 2015
Duck Pond Crossing 2016
McColl's Farm Chicken Coop 2016
Shark Food Delivery 2016
Sodor Airship Hangar 2017

Sights and Sounds buildings

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Cargo Transfer 2002 LC99351
Mountain Overpass 2002 LC99355
Sodor "Scrub and Shine" 2004 LC99368
Smelting Yard 2004 LC99369 Features Oliver and Cargo Car
Deluxe Roundhouse 2004 LC99370
Deluxe Cranky the Crane 2004 LC99371
Ice Cream Factory 2005 LC99374 Features Sir Handel and Yellow Barrel Car
Sodor Power Station 2005 LC99376 Features Cargo Car with Coal Cargo
Echo Tunnel 2006 LC99377
Load and Sort Recycling Centre 2006 LC99379
Deluxe Over-the-Track Signal 2006 LC99382
Deluxe Fire Station 2006 LC99380
Lighthouse Bridge 2007 LC99387 Features Bulstrode
Farmer McColl's Pig Shed 2007 LC99338
Deluxe Knapford Station 2007 LC99393
Deluxe Railway Crossing 2007 LC99961
All Aboard Station 2007
Knapford Station 2011
Morgan's Mine 2012 Features Gold Prospectors Car.
Lights and Sounds Signal Station 2012
Lights and Sounds Fire Station 2012 Reissued in 2014.
Maron Lights and Sounds Signal Shed 2012
Sodor Search and Rescue 2013
Winter Fuel Up 2013
Bluff's Cove Lighthouse 2014
Harold's Search and Rescue Helipad 2014
Ulfstead Signal Station 2014 Sold with Charlie; Toys R Us exclusive.
Christmas Crossing 2015
Vicarstown Station 2016

Track Packs

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Straight and Curved 1997 LC99929
Cross and Switch 1997 LC99949
Elevated 1997
Lumberyard 1998
Freight Yard 1998
Circle and Circus Set Expansion Pack 2000 For both the Circle and Circus Sets
Figure 8 Set Expansion Pack 2000 LC99951 Some came with Free VHS Sampler Thomas' Sodor Stories.
Beginner Roadway Expansion Pack 2002 LC99934 Features Bertie.
Advanced Roadway Expansion Pack 2002 Features Trevor.
Advanced Figure 8 Set Expansion Pack 2002 LC99950
Up and Away Expansion Pack 2002 LC99931
The Trouble with Trees Expansion Pack 2002
Hill and Mountain 2003
Beginner's Expansion Pack 2007
Fearless Freddie Expansion Pack 2007 LC99962 Features Freddie
Deluxe Track Accessory pack 2007
Boulder Adventure expansion pack 2008
Ascending Track and Riser Pack 2009
Up and Away 2010
Advanced Figure 8 Set expansion pack 2010
5-in-1 Track Layout pack 2010
Splish, Splash, Splosh! Story Pack 2010 Features Thomas and the Fat Controller
Thomas and the Jet Plane Story Pack 2010
65th Anniversary Thomas and Bertie Story Pack 2010
Up and Around 2011
Adaptor Track Pack 2011
Signal Station 2012
5-in-1 Track Pack 2013
Small Curve Track Pack 2013
Switch Track Pack 2013
Log Tunnel Expansion Pack 2015
Lights and Sound Expansion Pack 2015
Engine Wash Expansion Pack 2015
Build-It-Higher Track Riser 2016
Sure Fit Track Pack 2016
  • Toby's Windmill Story Pack is missing.

Talking Railway Series

The Talking Railway Series was a range of interactive engines and playsets. The engines have special gold magnets which, when they are at a destination, will prompt the Fat Controller to greet them. This range is discontinued.

  • Thomas (LC98701)
  • Edward (LC98702)
  • James (LC98703)
  • Percy (LC98704)
  • Toby (LC98705)
  • Duck (cancelled)
  • Emily (LC98709)
  • Spencer (LC98712)
  • Molly (LC98714)
  • Rosie (LC98706)
  • Billy (LC98713)
  • Stanley (LC98707)
  • Salty (LC98708)
  • Mighty Mac (cancelled)
  • "Stop and Greet" Signal (LC98750)
  • Cranky the Crane (LC98751)
  • Brendam Barrel Co. (LC98752)
  • Morgan's Mine (LC98753)
  • The Great Discovery Set (LC9870)
  • Farewell at the Docks Set (LC98783)
  • Speak and Greet Oval Set (LC9871)
  • Knapford Station Set (LC98784)

My Custom Engine Series

In the summer of 2014, Mattel announced that fans can design their own Wooden Railway characters and purchase them online. Fans also receive a personalized story book. The five colours that fans can choose from are blue, red, green, purple and silver. They can also name and number their character. In November 2014, Mattel released limited editions of each engine, that came with either snow, Christmas lights, or snow and lights designs.


My Thomas Story Library Book Packs

Also website-exclusive products, Book Packs have been released containing a My Thomas Story Library Book, as well as the engine each book was named after.


Sodor Story Collection Book Packs

Train sets

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Instant System Set 1 1993 LC99099 Later reissued as the Circle Set; once sold with the Thomas and Gordon and 4 Other Adventures VHS.
Instant System Set 2 1993 LC99102 Also known as the 22 Piece Starter Set; redesigned in 1996.
Instant System Set 3 1993 LC99103 Redesiged in 1996; remade into the Figure 8 set released in 1997.
Instant System Set 4 1993 Redesigned and renamed the A Day At the Works set released in 1997.
100 Piece Set 1993 CHI Remade into the limited edition Thomas and the Magic Railroad 100 Piece Set released in 2000
Percy Takes the Plunge 1997
Roundhouse 1997 LC99544 Redesigned in 1998 and reissued in 2010 and 2013; renamed the Deluxe Tidmouth Sheds Set in 2013.
Around the Barrel Loader 1998
Circus 1999
Mountain Tunnel 1999
James Goes Buzz Buzz 1999 Sold with James Goes Buzz Buzz and Other Thomas Stories VHS.
"Stop and Go" Figure 8 2000
Bridge and Tunnel 2000
Muffle Mountain 2000 Sold for Thomas and the Magic Railroad.
Thomas Express "Over and Through" Battery-Powered 2000
Sodor Airfield 2001
Lift and Load 2001 LC99543
Engineers' Set 2001
Twist and Turn Action Battery-Powered 2001
Sodor Mining 2001
Conductor's Figure 8 2002 LC99535
Battery-Powered Figure 8 2002
Down By the Docks 2002 LC99533
The Trouble with Trees 2002 Based on James and the Trouble with Trees.
Let's Have a Race 2002 LC99547 Based on Thomas and Bertie.
Sodor Engine Wash 2002 LC99330
Mountain Overpass 2002 LC99546
Seasons on Sodor 2003 LC99548 Similar layout to the Circus set.
Tidmouth Station Travel 2003 LC99549
Sodor Rescue Team 2003 LC99552
Boulder Mountain 2003 LC99550 Based on Rusty and the Boulder.
Deluxe Chocolate Factory Set 2003 Based on Percy’s Chocolate Crunch; Zainy Brainy exclusive
Really Useful Work Set 2003
Oval 2004 LC99561 Also named the Beginner Set; reissued in 2013 and renamed the Oval Starter set
Water Tower Figure 8 2004 LC99556
Thomas and Toby 2004 Based on
Harold's Mail Delivery 2004 LC99559
Deluxe "Sights and Sounds" 2004 LC99562
The Great Adventure Set 2004 Exclusive to A.C. Moore
Battery-Powered Sir Topham Hatt Figure 8 2005 LC99724
60th Anniversary 2005 LC99520 Features Thomas, Annie, Clarabel, Henry, and Exclusive Golden Track Piece
Sodor Work and Wash 2005
Aquarium 2005 LC99529
Rheneas and the Roller Coaster 2006 LC99564 Based on Rheneas and the Roller Coaster
Sodor Quarry Mine Tunnel 2006 LC99566
Edward the Great 2006 LC99563 Based on Edward the Great
Battery-Powered Around-the-Tree 2006 LC99385
Storm on Sodor 2006 LC99565 Based on Calling All Engines
Thomas-saurus Rex 2006 Based around the book, Thomas-saurus Rex
Gold Mine Mountain 2007
Thomas Starter 2007 Similar to the Thomas and Rosie Starter set
Bridge and Crane Figure 8 2007 LC99567
Jeremy and the Airfield 2007 LC99569
Thomas and Rosie Starter 2007
Play and Go Storage Box 2007 Also Known as the Play and Go Storage Case; Toys R Us exclusive
Start your Engines! 2008
Pirate's Cove 2008 Based on Thomas and the Treasure
A Race to the Wharf 2008 Based on The Great Discovery
Transfer Yard 2009
A Day at the Wharf 2009
Coal Hopper Figure 8 2009
Henry and the Elephant 2009 Based on Henry and the Elephant
Rheneas and the Dinosaur Bones Set 2009 Based on Rheneas and the Dinosaur
The Man in the Hills 2010 Based on The Man in the Hills
Rumble and Race Mountain 2010
Misty Island Rescue set 2010 Based on Misty Island Rescue
Beginner's Set with Talking Thomas 2010
Racing Down the Rails Set 2010 Based on Hero of the Rails
Thomas and James Set 2010
A Busy Day at the Quarry 2011
Thomas and Belle to the Rescue 2011 Based on Day of the Diesels
Cargo and Crane Figure 8 2011
Up and Around Sodor 2011
Toby's Whistling Woods 2011 Based on Toby and the Whistling Woods
Percy at the Dieselworks 2011 Based on Day of the Diesels
Crossing Gate Figure 8 2011
Happy Birthday Mr. Percival 2011 Based on The Man in the Hills
Percy's Fuel Delivery Figure 8 Set 2011
Steamies vs Diesels 2011
Flynn and Water Tower Figure 8 2011
Thomas and Henry Steam Around Sodor 2011
Sodor Bay Bridge Figure 8 2011
Blue Mountain Quarry set 2012 Based on Blue Mountain Mystery
Boulder Pass Battery-Operated 2012
Grinding Gravel Battery-Operated 2012
Farmhouse Pig Parade 2013
Mountaintop Supply Run 2013
Tidmouth Timber Company 2013
Treasure at the Mine Figure 8 2013 Based on King of the Railway
King of the Railway Deluxe 2013 Based on King of the Railway
Percy and the Mail Depot 2013
Brendam Bay Shipping Co. 2013
Pirate Ship Figure 8 2013 Target exclusive
Dieselworks Figure 8 2013 Toys R Us exclusive
Snowy Mountain Figure 8 Adventure 2013
Ultimate Wooden Railway Set 2013
James' Fishy Delivery 2014 Based on The Smelly Kipper
Steaming Around Sodor 2014
Merrick and the Rock Crusher Set 2014
Lumber Yard Waterfall Adventure 2014
Thomas' Fossil Run 2014
Up and Around Sodor Adventure Tower 2014
Mix, Match and Build 2014
Thomas' Birthday Surprise Set 2014 Based on Thomas’ Birthday Surprise
Percy and the Little Goat Set 2014 Based on Percy and the Little Goat
James Sorts It Out Set 2014 Based on James Sorts It Out
Logan and the Big Blue Engines Set 2014 Based on Logan and the Big Blue Engines
Create-A-Set 2014
Up and Around Mountain Set 2014
Thomas' Christmas Wonderland Set 2014
Reg and Percy at the Scrapyard 2014
Celebration on Sodor set 2015 Released for Thomas and Friends’ 70th anniversary
Volcano Park Deluxe set 2015 Based on Millie and the Volcano
Pirate Cove Discovery set 2015
Musical Melody Tracks set 2015
Sam and the Great Bell Set 2015 Based on Sam and the Great Bell
Summer Day Beach Play Set 2016
Speedy Surprise Drop Set 2016
Leap and Splash Dolphin Rescue Set 2016
Race Day Relay Set 2016 Released in celebration of The Great Race
Dustin Comes in First Set 2016 Based on Dustin Comes in First
Working Hard Steamies and Diesels Set 2016
Santa's Workshop Express 2016
Super Station Set 2017

Early Engineers


The Early Engineers brand was a compatible extension of the Wooden Railway range. The engines were larger, blockier than the original counterparts and had fewer wheels. The range has been discontinued.


  • Thomas
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Rosie
  • Stanley
  • Salty
  • Spencer
  • Victor
  • Hiro


  • Busy Day on Sodor
  • Roundabout Station
  • Rock and Roll Quarry
  • The Ultimate Hard at Work Set
  • Deluxe Sodor Set



  • Set of 5 Signs (LC99105)
  • Set of 5 Trees (LC99106)
  • Set of 2 Trees, 2 Houses, & 2 Signs
  • Seasonal Trees Set #1 (LC99114)
  • Seasonal Trees Set #2
  • Family of Four (LC99109)
  • Set of 4 Workmen
  • Sir Topham Hatt, 1 Workman, 2 Engineers (LC99111)
  • Cross Track and 2 Warning Signs
  • 2 Bumpers and 2 Signs (LC99112)
  • A Cow on the Line pack (LC99115)
  • Thomas Comes to Breakfast set (LC99116)


  • Set of 3 Buildings (LC99108)


  • Set of 4 Signals (LC99118)


  • Sir Topham Hatt and Lady Hatt (LC99120)



  • Combination Tree Pack


  • Sawmill Log Pack


  • Combo Accessory Pack Set of 8 (LC99192)


  • Sodor Blocks - Bridges and Tunnels Set (LC99266)
  • Sodor Blocks - Buildings and Destinations Set (LC99265)
  • Paint and Play Thomas (LC99186)
  • Paint and Play Depot (LC99199)


  • Slot and Build
  • Accessory Bundle Pack
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Really Useful Story Stand
  • Countdown to Christmas Calendar

Play Accessories


  • Carry Bag (LC99701)
  • Thomas Felt Playmat
  • Island of Sodor Felt Playmat
  • Cloth Playmat with Quarry
  • Cloth Playmat with Pond
  • Playboard
  • Playtable


  • Thomas Wooden Toy Box


  • Island of Sodor Playtable (LC99608)
  • Island Adventure Playboard (LC99540)
  • Thomas Desk and Chair
  • Thomas Toy Locker
  • Thomas Storage Bench
  • Clothes Rack


  • Felt Playmat (LC99762)
  • Large Felt Playmat
  • Island Adventure Cloth Playmat
  • All Around Sodor 2-Sided Playboard (LC99609)


  • Fun Around Sodor Train Playmat
  • Under the Bed Trundle Playtable (LC99010A)


  • Sights and Sounds Interactive Playmat (LC99756)
  • Thomas Playtable Package (LC99360)
  • Under the Table Storage Drawer (LC99362)


  • Thomas Engine Caddy (LC99638A)


  • 2-in-1 Grow with Me Playboard


  • Carry Case Playmat


  • Railway Adventure Playboard


  • Three-Bin Storage Engine
  • Store and Play Wooden Carry Case
  • Hang-and-Store Engine Depot


Volume VII (Note: Tiger Moth's propeller differs from the production model, suggesting the one seen here was a prototype)


From the introduction of the Wooden Railway system, Learning Curve, TOMY and Mattel have made yearbooks to feature their items. The items would be shown with standard "mugshots" for engines and cars, while sets would be shown assembled. The cover would also feature the new items on it with Thomas usually being in the foreground.


  • At 25 years, Wooden Railway was the longest-running and most popular Thomas & Friends merchandise line (with ERTL being the second longest-running at 20 years).
  • Cranky's grey model won the ecipient of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio's "Best Toy Gold Seal."
  • Some items were bundled with US DVDs and VHS tapes. Some were only available in these bundles, such as the Honey Barrel Car.
  • In Asia, the series was called the Thomas Wooden Rail Series.
  • Some Wooden Railway items have made cameos in other TV series, movies, commercials, and videos:
    • A modified Battery-Powered James, Annie and Clarabel are seen on a wooden train set in The Doodlebops episode, "All Aboard the Doodle Train".
    • Thomas, Stepney and the Green Fossil Car were seen on a wooden train set in The Big Bang Theory episode, "The Friendship Algorithm".
    • Cranky, the Sodor Engine Wash, and the Water Tower were seen in Parks and Recreation episode, "Donna & Joe".
    • The Roundhouse set and the Playtable are visible in a scene of Marley & Me.
    • Henry, Mavis, Annie and the Troublesome Truck were seen in the end credits of the VHS, Big Trains, Little Trains.
    • The Sodor Bay Bridge was seen in a Fruity Pebbles commercial "Parade".
    • A Wooden Railway/Take Along carrying case appeared in a scene of the Series 5 The Dumping Ground episode, The Phantom of Ashdene Ridge.
    • Some pieces from Water Tower Figure 8 Set is used from the PC Game called Social Skill Builder: Preschool Playtime.
    • The Quarry Mine Tunnel is seen in one of the live action segments from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.
    • Sir Topham Hatt's model was seen in a sketch in The Footy Show.
    • Thomas and Peter Sam were seen in Australia's Funniest Home Videos.
  • The Awdry-style Thomas has a unique set of wheels which have only been used on said model. The model also has a face, which the Rev W. Awdry's Thomas model lacked.
  • One of Harvey's prototype models showed his magnet attached to a string.
  • Jack Frost Percy, Stephen, Scruff, Porter, flashback/rusty Victor, Philip, the light and sound engines and the battery operated engines are the only models with buffers (painted on).
  • Hugo is the final new character introduced in the Wooden Railway line.
  • Some models share the same base.
    • Ryan's model has the same base as Thomas'.
    • The Knapford Express Coach model has the same base as BoCo's.
    • The Diesel's model has the same base as D199's.
    • The NW Brake-van's model has the same base as Henrietta's.
    • Bert's model has the same base as Mike's 2015 model.
  • In 2007, several Wooden Railway products were recalled by RC2 Corp due to traces of lead in the paint, which posed a poisoning hazard. About 1.5 million products were recalled, although no cases of children being affected were reported. The recalled products included:
    • James
    • Lights & Sounds James
    • James with Team Colours
    • Skarloey
    • Old Slow Coach
    • The Fire Engines
    • Red Musical Caboose
    • Red Sodor Line Caboose
    • Red Coal Car labelled "2006 Day Out With Thomas" on the Side
    • Red Baggage Car
    • Red Holiday Caboose
    • "Sodor Mail" Car
    • Fire Brigade Truck
    • Fire Brigade Train
    • Deluxe Sodor Fire Station
    • Red Coal Car
    • Yellow Box Car
    • Red Stop Sign
    • Yellow Railroad Crossing Sign
    • Yellow "Sodor Cargo Company" Cargo Piece
    • Smelting Yard
    • Ice Cream Factory
    • Toad
    • A green Maple tree
    • A signal base
    • The cargo car from The Brendam Fishing Dock
    • The Cargo Piece from Deluxe Cranky.
      • The Lead Paint Crisis also involved the cancellation of the Holiday Station.
  • Many characters' prototypes used faces from other characters' models:
    • The prototype for Skarloey used Percy's face.
    • The original Bill and Ben prototypes used James' face.
    • The prototypes of Stepney, Oliver and Ryan used Thomas' face.
    • Oliver's (the excavator) prototype had Salty's face.
    • The first prototype of Rusty used Mavis' face. A later prototype used Toby's face.
    • The first Peter Sam prototype used Edward's face.
    • An early prototype of S.C Ruffey used BoCo's face with faded eyebrows.
  • Some models have/had wheel inaccuracies:
    • The earliest model of Thomas as seen in the 22 Piece Starter Set can be seen with red wheels.
    • Toby has four wheels instead of six.
    • Mavis' 1993 model had four wheels instead of six.
    • One of Salty's prototypes was longer and had eight wheels instead of six.
    • The 2001-2004 Rheneas model had white wheels.
    • Trevor's original model's wheels are black instead of orange.
    • Oliver's original model had black wheels instead of green.
    • Harvey and Ashima have black wheels.
    • Luke and Stafford's prototypes have six wheels. Also, one of Luke's prototypes had green wheels instead of black.
    • Kevin's original 2009 model had red wheels instead of yellow. The prototype for his 2009 model was also colored green.
    • Hugo is depicted with eight wheels instead of four.
    • While Whiff's model has the correct amount of wheels, this results in him being longer than engines who should be the same size as him.
    • Belle's late 2013 model had completely blue wheels despite it having blue with the red centre.
    • Millie's model is smaller than the other narrow gauge engines produced by the line.
    • Vinnie's model has a black smokebox and the guardrails on his face are missing.
    • Diesel 10's 2000 and early 2013 models had longer ends in front of the cabs.
  • Flying Scotsman's reintroduced model features the British Railways logo with "Mainland Railways" printed in place of the British Railways text.
  • Flying Scotsman's reintroduced model's box features the tenders and text in the wrong positions.
  • Connor's prototype was Spencer's model repainted.
  • Rheneas' models from 1997 to 2004 had an inaccurate carmine livery.
  • The name underneath Duke's tender reads "Duke's Coal Car" instead of "Duke's Tender".
  • Catherine's model is actually based on illustrations of the Truck, with the tool van section treated as a separate carriage and labelled with Catherine's name.
  • Sidney's hazard stripes are on his front buffer beam instead of under his face.
  • Bertram's original model depicts him in his proposed tank engine form, with a completely new design. In his TV series appearance, he uses Duke's model with Smudger's face. When he was reintroduced in 2016, he was given a tender, but retained his bunker.
  • Hank's model does not have a front coupler like other Wooden Railway engines and his television series appearance. Interestingly, Connor and Caitlin's wooden models have front couplers, while their front couplers are concealed in the TV series.
  • Duck's original model had no funnel and his reintroduced model's prototype had a green one. His production model, however, has the correct black one.
  • Rosie's models never included her lipstick or blush until her Battery Powered model in 2011.
  • The first editions of Bill, Ben and Toby used stickers for detailing.
  • A total of fifteen characters exclusively from the Railway Series have been released in the Wooden Railway range. However, before Mike was introduced to the television series, a total of sixteen characters were released.
  • Harvey's model's cab is oddly short to accommodate his hook. He is also brown instead of maroon red and does not have a boiler.
  • Fergus' reintroduced model has entirely white wheels despite his original model having the correct red wheels with a white rim.
  • Flashback Victor's saddle tank around his smoke box is entirely black, when only the front area around his face should be.
  • Green Salty's prototype's running board and warning stripes were purple.
  • The reintroduced models of Bill and Ben comprises of Bill in yellow and Ben in blue, even though in the episode with which this release coincides, Bill was the first of the two to be repainted blue and Ben was only repainted blue while Bill was also blue.
  • Lady's 2014 model has a black roof and lower funnel section instead of purple.
  • The prototype for the original version of Sir Topham Hatt's car had it green with the windows blacked out.
  • James' 2002 Battery Powered prototype had the correct black wheels while his real model has grey ones.
  • Toad's 1998 model had the wrong magnet polarity, thus facing forwards instead of backwards.
  • Mighty Mac have bi-polar magnets, and are the only Wooden Railway engines with this distinction.
  • All models of James before 2001 had red domes instead of brass domes.
  • Oliver appears in the Boulder Mountain Set despite not being featured in the episode it was based on: Rusty and the Boulder.
  • Yearbook XIII labels Rocky and the Dairy Cars both as LC99037.
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