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This article is about the 2022 Wooden Railway range. You may be looking for the original Wooden Railway range.

Wooden Railway is a merchandise range of Thomas & Friends merchandise consisting of wooden engines, rolling stock, track and accessories.

The range was created to replace Wood after its discontinuation and takes the name of the line Wood originally replaced, Wooden Railway. In addition to the name, the range features a return to the original track system - which is compatible with other wooden railway systems such as Brio - as well as many of the features cut from the Wood line making a comeback, such as inserted domes and swiveling bogies for the larger engines. Unlike its predecessors, the mouths are now printed on, allowing for a variety of facial expressions.

The range was originally scheduled to release at the end of 2021. However, due to global supply chain issues, the release dates were pushed back February 2022, before being delayed again until March.


(Note: * means that a character is exclusive to Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go.)

(Note: ** means that a character appeared in the original series, but is based on their appearance in Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go.)

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Diesel 2022 HBJ84
Thomas 2022 HBJ85
Percy 2022 HBJ86
Carly ** 2022 HBJ87
Sandy * 2022 HBJ88
Rosie 2022 HBJ92
Toby 2022 HBJ94
Edward 2022 HBJ99
Hiro 2022 HBK11
James 2022 HBK12
Emily 2022 HBK13
Rebecca 2022 HBK14
Kana * 2022 HBK15
Kenji 2022 HBK16 Comes with one of his coaches
Gordon 2022 HBK17
Henry 2022 HBK18
Nia 2022 HBK23 Comes with Sodor Animal Park van

Special Edition Characters

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Day out with Thomas 2022 2022 HHL45

Rolling Stock

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Troublesome Truck with Crates 2022 HBJ89
Troublesome Truck with Paint 2022 HBJ90
Annie and Clarabel 2022 Only available in Knapford Station set

Non-Rail Vehicles

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Kevin 2022 HBJ91
Terence 2022 Only available in McColl Farm set
Bulstrode 2022 Only available in Brendam Docks set
Cranky 2022 Only available in Brendam Docks set


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
McColl Farm 2022 HBJ80
Tidmouth Sheds 2022 HBJ81
Knapford Station 2022 HBJ82
Brendam Docks 2022 HBJ83

Track Packs

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Straights and Curves 2022 HDX05
Expansion Clackety Track Pack 2022 HDX06
Straights 2022 HDX07
Curves 2022 HDX08


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Figure 8 Track Set 2022 HGD12


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Train Table 2022 HBJ79


  • Thomas, Gordon, James, Percy, and Emily feature rivets and handrails, like with their most recent upgrades in the Thomas and Friends show (Thomas, Gordon, and Emily also gain additional ones). Additionally, Edward, Henry, Toby, and Diesel gained them, despite their television series designs lacking them.
  • The line is among the first to not feature all of the engines with their default smiling faces.
  • Being one of the most detailed iterations of the Wooden Railway line, one of the new features for some of the steam engines is their firebox glow reflected in their cab windows and doorways.
  • Much like the Take Along and original Take-n-Play range, some of the models have altered wheel arrangements due to size constraints. As a result, Nia is depicted as a 2-6-0 much like her All Engines Go redesign, while Gordon, Hiro and Rebecca are depicted as 4-6-0s.
  • A flipped version of the sixth illustration in the story Edward and Gordon from the C. Reginald Dalby edition of The Three Railway Engines is featured as a painting on the wall next to the baggage drop in the Knapford Station set.
  • Unlike the contemporary appearances of the Push Along and Motorized ranges, the 2022 Wooden Railway range is primarily based on the aesthetics of the original Thomas & Friends series, rather than the recent All Engines Go reboot. As such, with the exceptions of Carly and All Engines Go-exclusive characters such as Kana and Sandy, the toys are primarily based on the original series designs.
  • The Dream Big tour Thomas features different versions that have different wheel colour arrangments.
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