“We couldn't go to the Works. Instead, the Works have come to us!”
―Duke and Rheneas

Works Outing, re-published in 2011 as The New Works, is a magazine story.


Rheneas has a cracked funnel and Duke is in desperate need of a new coat of paint. This is the way it has been for ages, as the narrow gauge engines cannot get to the Works. That night, a fierce storm hits the Island. The following morning, it is revealed that the Works were badly damaged in the storm and Elizabeth is told to take the workmen's tools to a new works up in the hills. Elizabeth takes the tools to the Transfer Yards where the new works is established in a nearby barn. From there, both standard and narrow gauge engines, including Duke and Rheneas, can be repaired.



  • In the 2011 version, a quotation mark is missing in the sentence, "'We couldn't go to the Works,' chuckled the happy little engines, the works have come to us!'". There should be a quotation mark before "the works have come to us".
  • Rheneas' boiler bands are oddly arranged.
  • In one illustration, Rheneas is missing a window on the side of his cab.
  • There are no tracks leading into the old works.
  • In the 2007 version, Duke's funnel is said to be cracked, but the crack is only visible in the final illustration.
  • In the final illustration, Duke's funnel is not attached to him.


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