Yehonatan Magon (Hebrew: יהונתן מגון, born on 10th April 1986) is an Israeli actor and voice actor who provides voices in the Hebrew narration of Thomas & Friends. He is the brother of Eliana and Daniel Magon.

He is known for voicing Leonardo in the 2012 "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and Cody Jones in the 2003 series, Spider-Man since 2014, Finn from "Adventure Time", Timothy from "Martha Speaks", Robbie from "Gravity Falls", Ash Ketchum and Harley from "Pokémon", various characters from the "Digimon" series, Cliffjumper from "Transformers: Prime", Mumble from the "Happy Feet" films, Kirby Kowalski from the 2013 "Max Steel" series, Kevin Levin from the "Ben 10" series, and Nod from "Epic".


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